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  1. NHLPA Hockey '94 (NHLPA Hockey '93 Update)

    I really like this rom. It's a cool idea for a hack and the presentation is really nice. Well done!
  2. My NHL 14

    It's pretty good.
  3. NHL 94 Ball Hockey Challenge

    Very original. I like it!
  4. NHL 94 In 96

    Hmm, I think this is a very interesting project you have going on here, and the rom is great too.
  5. RayGun's NHLPA '13

    It's a great rom! I really enjoy it.
  6. patrick kane -jeezus

    why yes he is teh jeezus.
  7. What Nhl Jerseys Do You Have?

    I Have a Jeremy Roenick Jersey
  8. nhl'94 - greatest game of all time?

    this is true.
  9. What is your NHL94 routine?

    for nhl 94 on the genesis ill just fire it up whenever, but for nhl 94 on the sega cd ill close down everything and then fire it up.
  10. Hitting players after the whistle debate.

    i think its fun little thing to do which the developer threw in, and hey, it's a game, so i think it's cool
  11. 16-bit NHL T-Shirt (officially licensed by EA)

    i want one. now.
  12. Why do you come to this site?

    august 2011, i joined because i thought it would be a cool site where you could interact with other fans of the game.
  13. finally got NHL 94 for the sega cd to work right with all the music. THANK YOU PAKKISO!

  14. Who has the cartridge? And why aren't you wearing it?

    Although I do have a rom of it which i play all the time.
  15. Who has the cartridge? And why aren't you wearing it?

    I have NHL Hockey and NHLPA '93 and I know a couple places that carry classic games. My eyes did come across a nhl 94 cartridge, but I did not have a Genesis at the time so I did not buy it, And unfortunately I have not seen a nhl 94 cart since, so i do not have a hold of the cartridge. But if i do come across a cartridge nhl 94 again i will use all at my extent to buy it.