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    Here are all the files, roms and assets from these three sites if anyone want's to host or just mess around with them. nhl91.com and 2on2.org is asp and pixelpuck.com is Word Press. If one of the admins could but the zip on the server I'd appreciate it since I don't know how long the link will be active for. The password is nhl94. https://nofile.io/f/WGdERxZuk9U/clockwise.zip
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    Being aware when joins, and then having a plan to engage them is key. I truly think we need to have some sort of alert system to let folks new someone has joined the channel, most likely via a bot. We would then need folks to reach out and be friendly to the newcomer, and offering assistance in getting setup online. Lastly, don't truck them 10-0 in your first online game if they are trash.
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    Plabax is all over these records! .....we need to study His greatness maybe he could donate his brain to science? is he real? these questions and more to come in this week's unsolved mysterys I demand proof of life .......youtube with current nhl standings!
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    Adding rom to the link, as pixelpuck.com is down, and this classic rom needs a home. NHL'91 by clockwise - NHL91.com.bin