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    I am going off the grid. I have never been much of a computer or tech guy and after spending the last few weeks basically off the grid, I have decided to go even further off. As most of you know my Discord account has been terminated and I am not playing in classic. Thanks for the PM's checking that I was OK from many of you. I still plan to attend LIVE events (possibly more buffed when I rip my shirt off) and check in on the forums from work now and again. I consider many of you my good friends and will look forward to seeing you at Live Events. The rest of you keep your heads up and on a swivel!
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    Thanks for everything Coach. I learned a tremendous amount from both playing and playing with your ROMs. Seeing you go from a newbie to producing high quality ROMs of your own with no real background inspired me to give it a shot myself. Thank you for always being willing to chirp in when I would ask a silly question and pointing me in the right direction whenever you were able. I've gotten an incredible number of additional hours of enjoyment out of this game both directly and indirectly because of your participation on these forums.
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    Hi Guys, I would like to introduce a new way to play NHL ‘94 live that @halifax and I have been working on. Here is the pitch... We are taking NHL ‘94 tournaments to the next level. Imagine playing a whole NHL ‘94 tournament with a team that you built on a real cartridge. This spring we will be hosting a live Draft online. Using your laptop or mobile phone you can draft players and go head to head against other coaches in a race to get the best players. Draft picks (order) will be determined by real world money. We are selling 28 spots all at different price points. This will be the first flexible priced entry fee tourney. Here is where strategy comes in to play. Do you spend the big bucks and get a higher draft pick or do you spend only $10 and take your chances. The prize money doesn’t care what draft pick you got, your skill does. Once we have the teams made, we will be ordering custom NHL ‘94 Saskatoon Draft Carts form a supplier overseas. The winner of the tournament will receive a special gold cartridge just like they had in Nintendo World Series. The runners up will also get to keep their tournament cartridges as a souvenir (who knows they might be worth something some day lol). So please join us in Saskatoon this spring for a tournament like no other! Quick Facts When: May 2019 (date to be determined) Where: Saskatoon Saskatchewan Venue: (most likely the Canadian Brewhouse but subject to change) Players: We are capping it at 28 (full NHL league) Prize Money: 1st $500, 2nd $200, 3rd $100 (Based on a sell out) Games: Guaranteed 10 games!!!!! Screens: Mix between CRT’s and HDTV Consoles: 10 SNES setups Draft Spots: Will be sold on Eventbright at a predetermined time and will be first come first serve. If not all draft spots are sold the draft order will be from highest paid to the lowest ONE Draft Spot per coach. (Basically acts as your registration fee) Draft Spot Prices: 1. $66 2. $64 3. $62 4. $60 5. $58 6. $56 7. $54 8. $52 9. $50 10. $48 11. $46 12. $44 13. $42 14. $40 15. $38 16. $36 17. $34 18. $32 19. $30 20. $28 21. $26 22. $24 23. $22 24. $20 25. $18 26. $16 27. $14 28. $10 The Draft will be hosted online similar to how fantasy football is done. It will be a stand alone draft where each player takes thier turn in order. Auto Draft features will be available. More info on the system will follow. The whole Original NHL ‘94 roster will be available. Teams will be made of 10 players and two goalies. We will be using mostly King of 94 Rules and the tournament structure will be finalized before tickets go on sale. When the Teams are finalized. Brand New Cartridges will be ordered with custom ROM’s for the event. The top ten players get to keep thier carts and the winner will receive a GOLD Cart. More info to follow. (And above info is subject to change). I hope to see you in Toon in May! Cheers, Mikey
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    Hopefully, this isn’t the end of an era. Hopefully, you (eventually) come back with some more original concept Roms. Even to noobs like me, you are a legend in these here parts! Thanks for all your great/hard work!!!
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    open nose and add Vancouver to the playoff matchups, that should fix that freeze.
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    Great way to package and sell modern roster versions. EA may come knocking after that though
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    It all started two years ago when I ordered a bootleg NHL ‘94 cartridge from AliExpress for the hell of it. I got the cart and box for $15. As expected the box (and box art) was really crappy. The cartridge shell was sub-par and the label was just a scan of the box art. But there was more. I knew they didn’t just have NHL ‘94 ready to sell cause they offered the whole line up of NHL titles from the 1st all the way to NHL ‘98. I figured they must make them as people order them. So if they can make NHL ‘94’s to order they could make any ROM to order. When it finally came in... to my surprise the game worked great! You can’t tell it’s a knock off from playing it on a real system. But opening the cart up to see the board was the breakthrough. I have never seen anything like it at that point. There were no ROM chips just a black blob that looked like Silcone on an empty board. After talking to some retro experts on Twitter they explained to me that those are “cheap” knock off “Glob Top” boards used to make cheap games and most people use them to scam people into thinking that they are buying real games. Of course I didn’t really care about the scamming part as the game worked perfectly. So in my head I thought, what did this cost the seller to get it to a $15 selling point. I know from experience that this stuff always needs around 100% or more markup to be worth it for individual sale. So... Cheap Sega Gens Box $.50 Printing labels $.50 Cheap Sega Shell $1.50 Custom ROM Board $2 labour $1(to burn ROM, print materials, assemble and package to ship) ______________ $5.50 cost of goods sold and $15 sale price is looking pretty good deal for the seller. So what are the strengths? THE $2 ROM BOARD! The box and shell are garbage. So what did I do. I did the research and found a company that is making high quality knock off SNES games in Asia. I dont care about the insides as I know the Glob tops work for what we need them. The trick was to find a good Shell and Label for a good price. We don’t need to trick people, we just want the game to work and play like the original. So we put a Glob top in a decent Shell and a nice label and we are done! So we go from a $40 custom game (or $100 everdrive) to a $10 game and it plays the way we want it to. With a $10 game we can now afford to buy custom games for a custom Draft tournament! After the tournament the game carts now act like a time capsule for the tournament and and awesome keepsake. Only thing we need now is people to play the games.