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    I was able to get most of the exhibition stuff done. Still need to figure out what I didn't log when it comes to loading the nameplates on the US Map. Right now it is loading SF and SEA for the AFC and NFC. I got the team text set up and need to tweak the US map highlighter but progress is progress. Will hopefully get a huge portion done in the next couple of days and then start the Season coding. I have the Helmet shells and logos almost figured out. Fingers crossed but looks like it will be doable in the next 2-3 weeks barring some major hurdle I haven't thought about.
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    Hey you. Yeah the one who quit a few years ago and wrote off the league for a variety of reasons previously discussed and that don't really need to be re-hashed. Okay, I'll re-hash a few: 1) gens is confusing and annoying - We are all on Retroarch now. it's not perfect, but it's easier and better and we have dedicated people who can try a bunch of stuff to fix it. 2) people are tryhards/ assholes/ douchebags - okay lay off @Uncle Seth, but pretty much everyone else is nice and fun to play against. This season, we had enough players to have a C division, and next year if most stay, we'll be able to balance competition even more! 3) AOL IM sucks - LOL we use discord. I'm so glad I wasn't here in the days of AOL IM or I would have laughed this group into obscurity. 4) people don't play their games - @kingraph or @halifax can correct me, but I think we had like 95% league games and 100% playoff games played this last Classic. 5) soandso's not here anymore, so I quit - be your own man. There's lots more good people here to play with. even Halifax plays online now. 6) laaaaaaaaaaaaaaagolas - generally speaking, this keeps getting better not only because of general internet quality (like fiberoptics, and higher speeds, lower latency), but also because of chaos and other tech guys who can help with retroarch settings and computer settings to enable/disable/change things to tweak. Need more reasons? 1) lately we stream an average of 10 hours of high quality NHL94 action per week to various twitch channels. Okay, some is high quality, some is low, and some f**king weird dude has plastic stairs, but it's great fun to hang, drink, and chat with the other viewers. 2) There's some thing in Korea called "NHL 94 Rewind". We have no idea what it is or what system it's for, but this could be optimized for internet gameplay (unlike our original version), and could make finding and playing games all over the world easier. Or it could be a massive f**king flop. But either way, come join the party! 3) Just recently, a player named @Tickenest created an online ELO based player ranking/rating type of system. Since there may not be (m)any live tourneys for NHL94 that would qualify as official events and change rankings, an online system is a good way to find out where you rank against all the other players around North America and try to climb the ladder. 4) there's more exis available than ever, at all hours of the day. "Primetime" is still 7-11EST, but we have players who post for games as late as 5am EST, and as early as 7am EST haha. And imagine if YOU and ten others come back and post when you want exis? No more waiting for games. 5) who the f**k is danTML anyway? Never heard of him - I'm just a guy who accidentally skipped over nhl94 in the franchise due to being poor as a kid. Owned 93, 95, 97, and then stuck with 97 for 22 years. I'm very saddened and embarrassed, but I've been in this community now for a while and I realize 97 is trash and I've played thousands of games of 94 since and I'm always learning and improving. I started a YouTube and Twitch channel to help spread the joy to others. I exi anyone and everyone and also help chaos with tech support. 6) I'm considering helping to fire up Plablegs old league as it seems like it was thoroughly enjoyed and missed. The list could go on, but those are the main ones I can think of. I'm going to tag some names that I've seen around lately in tickenest's data that he's shared. Feel free to ignore, or wake up from your long retirement/hiatus/slumber, find us on discord and I'll help you get set up! @Zalex @Freydey @Depch @NorthwayNative @Carse @Bigfoot @minpind @dangleisious @Fitzo @donnybrook @Sicarius @Buc @flasox24 @Wittgenstein @nahkahomo @eggink444 @orangeblack92 @da94wookiee @skoolyardpuck @Sebe_The_Legend @Snyder @ba55i5t @Bo Knows NHL94 @Skeletor @jackandjose @redbonzai @JackVandal @xdeathsbloodx @Pearate @Burntman @The Dopefish @kylewat @VintageKing @jbalicki10 @Samuel Quirion There is 100% I tagged someone that I probably shouldn't have, like someone who was banned or someone who died, or whatever, but I don't care. I hope you're all okay in COVID times and you'll join us all with some NHL94 self-isolation (immolation???) To anyone else reading, feel free to tag a bug or two. To you @Brutus, how much can we as the NHL94 community pay you to spam text all those cell numbers you have in your phone and get them to come back for a tourney or some exis to see if they still got it? LOL. Thanks all.
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    Hey, so I started this project earlier on in Covid, I was hoping to have it released just prior to the NHL playoff return but it's taken me a lot longer to finish than anticipated. I'm almost done now but need your help to finish. I wanted to update the SNES ROM to 2020 rosters based on the 24 teams that qualified for the Covid-playoffs. As an extra, I'm throwing in a Seattle Kraken team composed of random teams 9th and 4th best Forwards/Defensemen and goalies I think might have a chance at the roster. Let's see if I get any right. I also put together a Top Prospects team of 2020 draft eligible players like Lafreniere, Byfield etc. This rounds out the 26 NHL teams on the ROM. To finish, I thought it would be fun to remember the super stacked and awesome SNES - A East and West season we had with updating the All Stars East and West rosters to match SNES-A players. Forum names are fine but I prefer to use real names so I'm asking for some help to fill in the blanks. The names I do have are from world rankings so if you can reply here with your name or if you know the name of another forum player that would be great. For the rosters I plan on using 9F, 6D, 2G. I don't plan on changing any player attributes, just updating the name and I've ranked the players based on how they finished the seasons. I doubt anyone wants to be goalies so I've made them Chaos and Smoz as a thank you for their help as admins. Halifax will be on the West team and KingRaph will be on the East team so they don't need any extra thanks lol. SNES - All Stars East 1C Mario Lemieux - TheProfessor - Jason To 1LW Adam Oates - Dangler - John MacDougall 1RW Alex Mogilny - Annatar - Oliver Hirst 2LD - Ray Bourque - BobKudelski26 - Adam Giles 2RD - Larry Murphy - Kingof94 - Mikail Fancy 2C - Pat Lafontaine - JotaC007 - Jean-Carlo Arbaiza 2LW - Kevin Stevens - Chongo - Taimur Fancy 2RW - Mark Recchi - McMarkis - Mark Hopkins 2LD - Al Iafrate - KingRaph - Raphael Frydman 2RD - Brian Leetch - Lego - Philippe Gadras 3C - Jaromir Jagr - pistolpete42 - ???? 3LW - Mark Messier - Skankhunt42 - Philip Sackfield 3RW - Mike Gartner - TecmoJon - Jon Bailey 3LD - Scott Stevens - Gianfonz - Giancarlo Mellace 3RD - Zarley Zalapski - TripleA - Artie Rastelli G1 - Patrick Roy - Chaos - John Glass G2 - Grant Fuhr - Smozoma - Michael Capewell SNES - All Stars West 1C Steve Yzerman - Koke - Nicholas Wong 1LW Luc Robitaille - Dethrox - Raamayan Ananda 1RW Teemu Selanne - Stantonator - Michael Stanton 2LD - Steve Smith - stheds2000 - Brian Gorecki 2RD - Phil Housley - Jammer - Jamil Karimani 2C - Jeremy Roenick - AngryJay93 - Greg Cundari 2LW - Pavel Bure - Mikeyv04 - Mike Vikse 2RW - Brett Hull - TokenToma - Laith Toma 2LD - Paul Coffey - Fed - Kevin Hicks 2RD - Dave Manson - millertime_van - Randy Dalit 3C - Doug Gilmour - The90Jacket- Cory Hill 3LW - Gary Roberts - TecmoJon - Jon Bailey 3RW - Theo Fleury - Hokkeefan2 - Lawrence Rosette 3LD - Gary Suter - Birdman86 - Brian Toohey 3RD - Chris Chelios - DanK - Danny Kastilahn G1 - Ed Belfour - Halifax - Darrell Sampson G2 - Tim Cheveldae - Big Valboski
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    Ok, here it is. Finally finished it. I updated the Rom to the 24 teams that qualified for the 2020 NHL Covid Playoffs. I also added a Top Prospects team of the top 2020 draft eligible players and a Seattle Kraken team of my best guesses at random players that might be available next year. That rounds out the 26 teams, for the All Stars, I updated these to actual SNES players from this past classic season. The attributes for the All Star players were unchanged other than the names. For the NHL teams, every team should have the same rating other than whatever Home/Away advantages each team has. Also, I updated weights for players so that will have an effect on their hit/get hit abilities. I didn't want a completely stacked roster so I threw in some mid to lower tier players as well. I laid out every teams roster the same so the first forward listed is the #1LW and has Pavel Bure's attributes. The second player listed is the #1C and has Jeremy Roenick's attributes. 3rd is the #1RW and is Brett Hull and it goes down through the list like this: 1LW, C, RW - P. Bure, J. Roenick, B. Hull 2LW, C, RW - K. Stevens, T. Linden, J. Jagr 3LW, C, RW - R. Tocchet, P. Falloon, K. Tkachuk Ex. - D. Hunter 1LD, RD - R. Bourque, C. Chelios 2LD, RD - G. Wesley, S. Smith 3LD, RD - J. Lummer, D. Lidster 1G, 2G - E. Belfour, D. Beaupre I updated the names, shot handedness and weight for each player, left all the other attributes the same. So some of it is not consistent, like Brenden Dillon has Ray Bourques attributes (99 overall) because he's a LD and John Carlson has Chelios attributes (84 overall) as the RD, Malkin has Trevor Lindens attributes as the 2C, etc... It would have been too time consuming to update all the players attributes individually. This gets it close enough I think where it's still enjoyable game play. Hope you guys can have some fun with it and let me know if you notice any errors with players or any glitches in general with the game and I'll try to fix it. NHL94-Covid-2020.smc
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    In my experience I would say the only thing that held me back was always putting off the figuring out the netplay. I created my account on nhl94.com in 2009. When I came across the site I was amazed and I have always kept checking in out of interest in this community. I just never took the leap of jumping in. As per recent feedback in this thread I feel a detailed instruction on netplay could attract more players? A detailed set of instructions with images or even a youtube video with a link on how to setup? I realize this takes effort so by no means am I saying "somebody has to do this!" This most likely would have had me competing earlier. I do like the idea of this being advertised on the homepage in more of a bold approach. Anyways I'm a huge fan of this community and much shout out to the creators and admins who created and keep it going. I'm really excited to finally join a league!
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    #1: that "weird dude" with the plastic stairs has been my own personal "Property Brother" and I'll not have you besmirch that guy! He's inspired me to plastic all the stairs in my entire condo building (it's harder though, nowadays, to break into my neighbor's units undetected since everyone is working from home. Thanks for nothing, COVID!) and #5: honestly, @danTML7 f**king rules, as does most everybody around here. I'm just a rookie (and I'm one dumb cookie), but the amount of guys in this community who are willing to raise their hands to create new ROMS, start up side leagues, help fools like me get their s**t together for online play, etc. is really f**king awesome. There is (and has been) a crazy-strong foundation of solid f**king people here, and we're adding to it more and more everyday. So to echo dan's overall point, come get involved and get f**king weird with us! DanK
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    In case anyone is following at home, my brother and I have completed season 23. I was victorious with Washington. We are playing a heavily modified juiced version of TSB 3. There was a more difficult version of juiced ( possibly super juiced), with tecmobowl.org gone, does anyone know where I can find that version of the game?
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    made in 1983, Hoccer is an arcade game created by Eastern Micro Electronics. Hoccer is a sport set in the future, it is played with a mix element of both hockey and soccer, hence the name. You play as a lone Hoccer player, who is armed with a hockey stick and must score as many goals as he can and importantly be the last one standing. While its generally an arcade game not so much a full blown sports game (but definitely could be made into one), the body checking and scoring goal elements of hockey is there. but what makes it more high scoring is that body checking or shooting the puck directly at the players of the opposing team earns you points as well, hitting star side targets (speedball 2 anyone?) also earn you points. the opposing teams get tougher as you reach different leagues.
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    Serious Speedball 2 vibes from this - even the eagle logo, as a similar one appeared in sone menus on speedball. Bet the Bitmap bros played this at some point.
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    I thought I’d comment relating to my experiences this far as now I’ve successfully hosted matches and logged the results. It is IMO very well set up and it is very simple. This post I’ll share what I feel could assist future members a smooth experience. First of all I’m blown away by the community! The effort into the website is very nice and I’m not criticizing anything. I’m only sharing my thought as I’ve now experienced the process of online league play. I’ll list in order of priority. I’m also considering the reality of there will be many persons who will not be familiar with some of the terminology which may be obvious to experienced users and admins. I found that I had to search out what could be considered to be easily attainable information. I’m patient with this but many will not be. Homepage - http://www.nhl94online.com/ 1. The homepage having a very large or bold link that really stands out on “getting started”. There is a link already but I feel it is somewhat concealed. Really make this stand out. Within “Getting started” link and page http://www.nhl94online.com/html/getting-started.php 2. “Step 2 – Controller Config” The posted image looks like a mirror of step 1 image. I realize the bottom image has yellow writing but this could be highlighted. In the first sentence of step 2 I think it would be good to have “go to Settings->Input->Port 1 Binds”. Also the step 2 image could highlight “Settings” as opposed to “Load Core”. Also the Link and message below this image didn’t stand out to me and I feel it’s quite an important step. The linked page is for controller setup is very helpful. Maybe make the “Step 2 – Controller Config” a link for “controller not configured” issue? 3. “Step 4 – Loading Core and Content” I literally had know idea what a “Core” was. I figured it out quite quickly but an impatient, non tech individual will not give it a thought and leave. Maybe the first sentence in this step could clarify what is meant by “core” in relevance to a sega genesis or super nintendo console? Like literally write “A Core is the gaming system we use. Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.” This may not technically be correct but at this point f**k technicalities. Up to this point having Retroarch running with a working controller configured and a game loaded has to be the most important component in the steps before online play can begin and this is the order which is presented within “getting started”. 4. Save State. I found information in the forums. It is somewhat buried. I think this is also very important and personally think it should be brought to the forefront as well. Maybe add a “Saving the game” link/section and place it before “Netplay Guide”. I guess it could come after the “netplay guide” but I feel it should be on the “getting started” page as well? 5. Netplay as per the link contained within the “getting started” page. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18461-how-to-netplay-over-retroarch/ I did look through the forums and tried to gather what I could regarding netplay and I still had questions. All the information is available but the location of this information could be made more readily available. I feel a link to a video would be perfect here. If there is a link to a video on this page then apologies. The title of chaos’ post “Netplay via RetroArch” would be the perfect link while also serving as the title or right underneath it. 6. Logging league games. I’m not exactly sure where to best position this but I looked in the forums and in the end I was linked by an admin. Much appreciated of this I was but I’m thinking its pretty buried within the forums. So maybe placement within the “getting started” page? I think that’s what I can think of for now in my experience for online league play. I’m somewhat understanding of tech terminology so I got by. Also the community on discord was very helpful. I feel my suggestions may have led to less questions on discord and maybe inconvenience to some on the forums. Sorry If I’ve come across as a little nitpicky and missed some obvious links or information but I think these suggestions may be useful for future members? It would have made it slightly easier for myself. Keep up the great job admins!
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    yeah we need more love for the genesis tsb games. i would love to see some hack tools for the genesis tsb and tsb 2(if its possible) with simulation editing to similar to the nes/snes tsb tool. i often wish the three year mode on tsb for genesis/snes was like tsb 2 with each different roster for each year. i even wish they had continued three year mode with tsb 3. i know onthe snes about the trick to get the players you want thru the create a player trick but it would be nice if someone can find a way to remove the trade restricts to make trading easier similar to the genesis version.
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    I think so, too. Well, I was thinking more along the lines of a few big options, like "What do you want to do?" Play NHL94 against other people (requires a windows/mac/linux/retropie computer) (sends you to computer emulator setup, also tells them about leagues) Play NHL94 solo (on your computer, console, or phone) (sends you to info about playing on consoles, phones etc). Talk to other NHL'94 fans (sends you to a page which gives the forum link and discord link). Download updated versions of NHL'94 (sends them to ROMs) Show me everything! (sends you to something like the current nhl94.com page) Play in a live event (upcoming tournament list, some videos from past events..) This was kind of the idea behind the JoinUs page (https://nhl94.com/joinus/ ), a landing page that tries to give you an overhead view of the things you can do on nhl94/online.com
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    A lot of useful info here. In marketing, you have to walk a fine line between being everywhere so people find you, and being in one place so you look like you have your s**t together, haha. But then again, most companies have a website, facebook, instagram, Twitter. I will certainly admit it's weird to have the forum, nhl94.com, nhl94online.com, nhl94strategy.com, etc... but nothing would stop me right now from starting an nhl94tricks.com as well and making my own website. What can be done about this? Not sure, but I'll throw my hat in the ring if admins want another dedicated person to discuss branding and web strategies. Experience: 15 years of running my own business, 10 of that in marketing specifically and working with small businesses. I think the best tidbit here is minimizing info on the main page. It should be 100% dedicated to DOWNLOAD NOW AND GET STARTED, along with installation vid walkthroughs. Everything else can be buried in tabs. Thanks @Decadent for taking the time to write this.
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    I'm bored waiting on something to hit my inbox for work so I've been bouncing around the forums and ended up here. I think the constructive posts on this topic are f**king excellent, and since I'm also a rookie (new here as of April 2020) I'll focus primarily on the stuff that @kidswastedand @Decadent, all of which I think is great. 1. I don't know how hard it used to be get setup for online play, but i agree that the RA setup/links on the homepage is f**king dynamite now and it is suuuuuper welcoming for new guys to get up and running playing games, in my opinion. I'm a complete computer imbecile, but to address Decadent's customer service point, I felt really warmly welcomed here right off the bat. Guys like @halifax, @smozoma, @chaos, @kingraph and @danTML7 (just to name a few) were really helpful with any tech issues I had whatsoever, and even went out of their way to reach out and make sure I had my s**t together (s**t together re: '94, that is. I def DON'T have my real-life s**t together...). I try to always remember that and to pay that forward now when new guys continue to show up around here. Guys like that are what builds community and what keep it together. 2. Agree that # of games in a season should have an upper limit, generally, and 30-40 sounds f**king great to me. If there's guys who want to play in a league with a full 82-game season, god bless 'em, and I hope they can find the numbers to fill it. But I started playing this game when I was like 12 or 13 (the OG EA hockey and '93 on gens were my first taste) and I feel as though, at 41 years old now, I'm in the average age cohort for most people around here. I have kids and a wife, as do a lot of us, so scheduling is just always gonna be a thing. I don't, however, feel that that's anything to lose sleep over. We're here b/c we love the game. It is what it is. COVID and mandatory work-from-home has allowed for more opportunity to play online, but guys who really want to play will always find a way. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pooh-pooh'ing the idea of a "Game Night", i just think that's something that's better instituted organically through the community, as opposed to mandated by the mods or league runners. Hopefully I'm not strawmanning this point, as that's certainly not my intention. 3. I think Decadent makes a really nice point re: having a centralized "communication hub", be it forums, discord, etc., but I don't know what the best solution is. Identifying problems is always easier than finding solutions, and so I'm absolutely sympathetic to having to solve this one. But I do agree that multiple avenues of communication just naturally increases the chances of people missing out on opportunities for leagues or whatever that they'd otherwise have jumped at. 4. Unrelated to Kidswasteds' and Decadent's points, reading back a bit further it would appear that some people don't understand what "chirping" is really all about. It's a f**king art form, and it is VERY important for maintaining a strong community, especially in f**king ice hockey (just my opinion). We're not 12-yr old kids around here, talking s**t about headshots in Call of Duty and owning noobs. Chirping isn't calling someone you've not acquainted with a "little b***h" when you're up by 7 goals in the 2nd period. Chirping is about making friends and about being humbled yourself, as much as it is hanging s**t on other people. Just like good comedy, you f**king chirp upwards towards power, not downwards to belittle someone. And you do your goddamn research. When I asked "is @angryjay93 good at this game?" on one of @danTML7's twitch streams, it wouldn't be funny (and still maybe it wasn't) if I hadn't done my research and watched videos/clips/youtube of AJ beating the f**k out of people by playing like an actual God of Olympus. When I talk s**t about how Hartford (The WHALE) is god's gift to '94 hockey, i know damn well what their team rating is, and that they'd likely never be used in top-level play in an actual tournament around here. But I also know that Brass Bonanza is a banger of a goal song, and if i can make @annatarhave to listen to it even ONE time, while he's en route to f**king curb-stomping me by a touchdown or more, then I'll die happy in Valhalla. And I know it's annoying to @legowhen I try to remember back to all the French i learned in 8th grade so i can ask where is the library after a sick one-timer (it's "Ou est la bibliothèque", btw), but Lego is a f**king awesome guy, and he knows I'm just a loudmouthed asshat. And he'll also probably still win the game. Be cool, talk s**t, but do it in that order. This is BY FAR my longest bullet point so I guess it's pretty obvious where my priorities lie, lol. I'll shut my f**king yapper now and go eat lunch, but thank you to so many of you guys for the really thoughtful posts here on this topic. This place f**king rules, and we should treat it as our responsibility to keep it that way, and to make it even better wherever/however we can. Cheers, motherfuckers! DanK
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    Not sure if any of youz listen to Spitin' Chiclets at all, but occasionally, they got a NHL '94 player on their show. If you haven't ever heard this story before, it's worth a few minutes of your time when you're bored. (This is from the first time Jeremy Roenick went on Spitin' Chiclets...not the second time which cost him his NBC job joking bout a 3 some) Prank story starts at 47 minute mark. The story confirmed by Torrey Mitchell below: https://plus.lapresse.ca/screens/d8113031-c5fe-4d24-b19f-af05d3c5d0a5__7C___0.html
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    So today I started hacking the original TSB 3 rom and hopefully in a couple weeks I can release it. This will have only hacks that are needed to add 2 teams to the original rom. The biggest 3 hurdles will be the Big Helmets, end zones and the Team Select Menu. I hacked the Big helmets for my face hack and I hacked the Team select to be one team at a time. I will revisit that code and see if I can just add another page like the original has and make it 8 teams per page. I don't think I tried to do that on TSB4 as I already knew what I wanted to do with that menu. Endzones are just a pain to draw and map out because of the way the field is skewed. Not sure how I want to handle it right now, may end up adding the midfield logos and field mapping from TSB4 as It would make future edits way easier for people wanting to do their own roms. I really don't want to do much graphical hacking if I don't need to. The mini helmets and name plates are already done. Working on the menu highlight cursor that highlights the helmet of the team you are currently on. I am doing all the graphics first before adding the coding to make it 32 teams/8 divisions. When I release this I will release it in a new thread and post the link here.
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    This site is the best! I know I just sit on the bench and chirp in every now and then, (one day when I get my sh!+ together and drop some funds into a new laptop I'll jump in and play online) but I just want you all to know how awesome all this site and the dudes who keep it going are. With 'Rona Season sucking butt, and sports on and off, and all the other stuff goin' down, you dudes have kept NHL 94 going strong...and for that, I salute you. #yesI'mdrinking #butYouAllKickAss
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    This photo and board game cover are earily similar https://www.amazon.ca/Face-Off-1974-Game-Waddingtons/dp/B018T2J4P2