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    Thanks bud. I'll exi with you sometime @jer_33 - I've not played anyone yet.
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    Hey guys, This is a special release that Slapshot67, KTup710 and I have worked on all spring/summer. Really, it began this winter while watching the Olympics. I missed the NHLers and I decided to make a ROM about it. This is the 32-team ROM, but since most teams are not that competitive with the big boys, I decided to mix it up a bit. This ROM is called IIHF Legacy '19. It contains 15 current National Teams made up of what would closely resemble the real rosters in a major world tourney, and 17 historic National Teams from different tourneys. The main ROM is a WBF-rom. I added a 2nd ROM that does not include the weight bug fix. KNOWN BUG: The game will freeze if you scroll through the USA'96 player cards in the menu screen. This is a known bug that affects the 31st team on any 32 team ROM, and is not currently fixable. This was a lot of fun to make. I've worked with the great @slapshot67 on other ROMs, and adding the work of KTup710 only enhanced this particular ROM. KTup did all the work on the implementation of logos, and he did some incredible work on the banners. @KTup710 - really great work bud, truly commendable in the annals of NHL94 lore. As usual, Slapshot did spectacular work on players cards, splash screen, game clock...even the IIHF trophy is there! I handled the uniforms, players, player ratings, lines, and selected the logos we'd end up using. Some Notes Where it gets fun is the Legacy part. We created 17 "Classic" Historic teams, with an added twist. You'll be able to play the Miracle on Ice (1980 USA vs Soviet Union), the 1987 and 1991 Canada Cup Finals (1987 + 1991 Team Canada, 1987 Soviets, 1991 Team USA), the 1996 World Cup of Hockey Final (USA vs Canada) and the 2002 Olympic Gold Medal Game (Canada vs USA). Also included is the 1998 Czech Republic team, first NHLers to win Olympic Gold. Including them threw off the balance of 16/16 classic vs current teams, but that's ok. The twist is where it gets even more fun for NHL'94 fans. We created 6 National Teams made of the original ROM's players, with original ratings. Some players had to be added to complete rosters, but the original NHL'94 spirit of the 6 teams is surely there. They're the Original 6 of this ROM :-) Players & Rosters I tried to make team rosters as accurate as possible, with jersey #'s and lines as accurate as I could find. I also tried to keep ratings "within the defined parameters of NHL'94". I tried to keep players mostly honest. If you know anything about my current ROMs, you'll get the adjustment. Keep in mind players may have different ratings in different seasons (ie. '87 Gretzky is the man, Mario went virtually untouched from orig 94). Check out the excel sheet for more on player + team ratings. I needed to add some players to complete the 1994 teams, which is why there are players who were not in the game on those teams. Also, I know Petr Nedved actually played for Canada in 1994. But, come on, he belongs on Czech, Czech needs players, and Canada is ok without NHL94 Petr Nedved. You'll notice on some of the Legacy teams that a players weight may have changed from their original '94 weight. I tried to make a player's weight accurate to what it was in real life, except for the six NHL94 World Star teams. I left those players as is, Tony Amonte included. Amonte is a lefty in '96 and '02. And this is the last hurrah for Jaromir Jagr and the Sedins, so they were included on the current National Teams for 2019. For KTup and Slapshot- we all hope you guys enjoy this ROM. -Skip IIHF Legacy '19.bin IIHF Legacy '19.xls IIHF Legacy '19noWBF.bin
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    Great stuff guys, I've played a few games. Might be a fun rom to exi with. '94 Canada vs. USA
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    Install Virtual Box, download (illegally) a copy of Win 2000 or Win XP, install Win 2k or XP in Virtual Box, and run NOSE in there. It works for me. (Virtual Box is free). Then you can create a shared folder between the Win install and Mac, and transfer files that way.
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    I'm glad you guys like the game! It was a lot of fun to make, and Ktup with those banners, I was shocked as well. They look gorgeous in the playoff tree. I like the way you're thinking with the all-time teams! Could be another fun way to go with it. It'd be tough to select a Team Canada haha. I wanted to add a bunch of milestone type teams. Miracle on Ice was no brainer, and the 1987 + 1991 Canada Cups, then I started thinking about what else to add. First WCoH made sense. It was such a fun tourney. Had to include the 1998 Czech team, too bad I couldn't 1998 Russia in there, too. And had to have USA vs Canada from SLC Olympics, epic final - heartbreaking for me :-( Enjoy, bud!
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    Had a chance over the weekend to play this with my boys and had a blast with the mix of players and teams across different eras. Pleasant surprise to be able to replay the '96 World Cup matchup between the US and Canada which has been featured quite a bit on NHLN recently. The devil is in the details - the banners, absolutely amazing... Never even occurred to me to do anything other than the standard 2-tone. Not sure if this has ever been discussed before but has anyone ever considered all-time all-star teams? Was fooling around with the lines and the oldest threatened me with annihilation if he could only put out a Lemieux-Gretzky-McDavid line. Got me thinking.
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    Good news... confirmed I will definitely have the adjoining rooms and they have HDMI & Composite inputs on their tvs so I think we'll be all set. I might just bring the Framemeister so we can get a good image and minimal lag on one of the HDMI tvs. If we had 1 more CRT or monitor, we could have 4 going at all times... that would be pretty cool. @smozoma@angryjay93@CoachMac@corbettkb
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    OK, I just booked 2 rooms at that LaQuinta that have a connecting door. We have a dedicated gaming space... spread the word please!
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    We're staying at La Quinta, go ahead and book! I'm thinking we try to get them to set us up in rooms with an adjoining doorway, if they have those. Then we can spread the manstink out a bit (game room, break room) We discussed it on Discord. I should have posted an update on here. I like the house idea, but La Quinta is so close to the venue... Something we can look into next time.
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    LOL ... was just a matter of when... I was planning on holding off doing any roster updates for a while (was thinking of holding off until opening night) but, this one was too good to delay. Please find re-posted, up top, the NHL94 2019 Preseason Edition rom with Erik Karlsson on the Sharks. I also took advantage of the timing to update some (confirmed) new jersey numbers for various players.
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    I'd prefer to not be a captain because I don't think I'd play consistently enough
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    In, thanks for running with my fleeting idea!
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    I would be interested in being one of the players in the pool.
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    Haven't given any thought to structure, but I'm definitely...
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    Love the Hanson brothers cartoon splash screen
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    This one went for over 190+ shares since yesterday
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    An idea i had was to airbnb a large house, then we can set up some consoles in the living room. Here are a couple that night work for that https://www.booking.com/hotel/ca/bryson-home.html http://www.besthomeinn.ca/index.php/zh/112-best-home-inn-richmond
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    If you can make it to Vancouver, I guarantee you make top 3
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    I just had another nightmare the tournament had technical difficulties so we had to play an NHL 2000 tournament on Playstation it was horrible! u owe me 49.94$ halifax
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    I’d love to see nhl 94 on the Switch!!! And be able to play people online. I have never tried via the PC but I would love to play against online opponents!!! Nintendo , Sega and EA make it happen. Also, Madden 92/93, Live 95, Sports Talk Baseball would be fantastic.
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    It's only free for a month. If you purchase the game, you can play it to your heart's content.
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