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  1. I watched the premiere and watched it a second time, to catch what I had missed, due to my missus yapping to her sister on the phone. (And then played 94 for an hour, when I should have been taking the dog for a walk...) That moment when Mikey*, shed a tear, at the first edition, was actually pretty touching. Also, The Zambonis friggin' rock... I searched them up on YT and they've got quite a range, musically. Being a blues and (outlaw) country fan, I love "I'm A Puck"... That is some kicking, oldskool Rockabilly right there. Great stuff! *I refrained from typing "Kermit." BUT, in my defense, if I had, then he has only got himself to blame. I would have never thought it, if he hadn't have said it! Joking aside, that chat was just as informative as the documentary, it felt like getting a directors commentary, with the stars of the film!
  2. This was the first hockey game I ever played, I thought it was fantastic before I played 94... It certainly isn't the best game around, but it does still hold enough of a charm that I'll return to it, every so often, for a day or two. Personally, I ALWAYS play this with volume muted. It's got nothing on 94, or NHL Stanley Cup (Super Hockey to us Euro-Trash), but it was a (fairly) decent attempt at a hockey game.
  3. Okay, I won't lie here... I love the SNES, (Nintendo generally), but, this is one of the VERY few games, that make me envious of Genesis/Megadrive players/owners. I've never played MLH but knowing that it has the 94 engine, and watching YouTube videos of gameplay, really makes this game appealing to me. Even as a kid, way before I got into hockey, this game always looked fun to ten year old me.
  4. I'm not an online player, the missus and I have foregone having kids, she is far from boring, I'm already skating, rapidly, towards forty and I've been playing '94, for around fifteen years. Only having found this community, less than, a week ago, I can safely say... I'm here for the long haul.
  5. It's got to be said... This is an absolutely fascinating thread, it really satisfies my data gathering side. Honestly, thank you for the work you've put into this. Although, the blue, red and green graphs send my eye's a little weird... Like sitting to close to the T.V., during Thundercats, when I was a kid...
  6. I honestly can't wait to be a low-key "Krakhead..." The Needle, Krakheads, the Krak House - I mean, you've gotta give it to Seattle, for their self-awareness.
  7. It was this video that bought me here... I had no idea there was a community for Chel'94, until I saw this.
  8. Edmonton 2018 blue Reebok. Wayne Gretzky Fanatics. Edmonton 2019 Adidas third jersey.
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