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  1. Hi, so which system does this play on on retroarch I tried nec pc engine and the sega one and neither worked?
  2. I'm downloading that n64 right now. I'll have to check the press your luck thing after that. Man this is gonna take a while,shouldn't of started it this late...
  3. Ok,but the prob is really they're not even showing on the thumb drive when i put it in my ps3. The ones from here do. But not these ones from the other sites.
  4. It's on Dos I found them both on this site but idk if it's the laptop it doesn't seem to change them to bin.
  5. I have a question about this the roms in here are bin and I can play them on my retroarch but other roms idk I can't seem to get them in files to will work on retroarch...for example the other day I wanted to download a rom of the old Press your luck game,I think from 88,I couldn't find it in a bin file. And also the 98 Nagano olympic hockey gm on n64. Anybody know where to find them?
  6. The 73 nhl/wha one was cool played that yesterday.
  7. I have to say this anniversary mode is pretty awesome. This might be my fav playstation nhl gm. Wonder if they'll do an anniversary mode in '24.
  8. Hi guys I just got nhl 14 for my ps3. Is there a file I could download that anybody has made for college teams? It's prob gonna be awhile before I get a ps4 and I guess there's some college hockey roms for the more recent nhl gms.
  9. Oh ok I kinda hate the jerseys irl but think they might look cool on the gm.
  10. Just because I like hockey gms way more than baseball ones but love baseball. How about an all time baseball teams playing hockey on 94. The yanks would have ruth-dimaggio-gehrig on the top line Goalies would be catchers Ted williams-yaz-rice first line for the red sox Idk how many teams you can make but it'd be cool to have even short lived teams like the spiders,Kansas city athletics etc....even negro league teams Anyways just a thought
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