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  1. I actually had one copy, but I had it ground up into tiny particles, mixed it with 5% dextrose and injected into my veins!
  2. So habs, I have a question: Would your head explode if you met Lady GaGa?
  3. Pit drops D Brad Werenka picks up D Paul Cavallini
  4. Holy crap-Wags managed to simulaneously hand Ice the title and make his team shittier in one fell swoop
  5. Enjoy your .500 season you no talent disease
  6. Maybe you shouldn't have acted like Linden's skates were laced with gold when i was asking about him.
  7. who you lookin to acquire/give up you doofus
  8. The start is the beginning you freakin' choad.
  9. That's cool. What if the C does get a pen?
  10. Team: Pittsburgh First Line G - Essensa LD - Macoun RD - Manson LW - Jagr C - Newy RW - Joe Murphy X - Davydov *I'd like Corson to be the Center when short-handed, if possible Second Line G - Tugnutt LD - Huffman RD - Cavallini LW - Errey C - Corson RW - Davydov X - Murph
  11. Now I say we challenge those bitches in Curling! ps-That video was great, but the quality was like a bigfoot video
  12. Detroit(Hokkee) post here that i drop bob sweeney 69 overall for primeau
  13. jrodisthekingofNHL94andshallmercilesslycrushallthosewhoopposehimus31 or if that's too long, jrodimus31 will do
  14. Quote from Hokkee: ok can you post -->hokkee sober now  and does not disolve his last trade and here is reply from rwein   rynweinmeyer (6:23:52 AM):[Offline IM sent 1h and 19m ago] yes...go on the trade...hatcher for ronning rynweinmeyer is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in. rynweinmeyer is offline (8:01:38 AM) For once, I'm speechless
  15. Pittsburgh Penguins trade D Igor Kravchuck to Calgary Flames in exchange for F Joe Nieuwendyk
  16. Ummm.... http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic...amp;#entry78342
  17. Hokk would like to officially undo the ronning/shanny deal due to out and out robbery
  18. Hit me up (jrodimus31) for my 7th round pick-I pick 8th, but I ain't lookin at damphousse
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