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  1. F_ck you man lol. I uploaded this "rom", put it on a USB key, and uploaded it to my PS2 to play on the emulator I use on that...Funny joke, but I must admit I am impressed with what you did to that rom.
  2. I grew playing NHL 94 on the Genesis, so I am not too familiar with NHL 94 on the SNES. I was bored, decided to give this SNES facelift a try, and I like it. To add to the SNES expierence, I have a SNES emulator for my PS2 and I play the game on there. Good work! Hopefully some roster updates, logo changes, and maybe even player pictures will make this update even better!
  3. i know this is a old thread and all, but i just downloaded the patch now it's really cool man. the smallest detail seems to make a big difference to me.
  4. interesting points to make, but at the end of the day i still feel like 94 for genesis was the best. it dont get any simpler then a three button controller, dont get me wrong nintendo's controller is the blue print for all controllers today but it was too damn small, and caused alot of hand cramps. sega's was the right size for me, so i perfer it.
  5. thanks mack, i really enjoy your hacks. they really inspire me to get my own NHL 94 project up and running.
  6. alot of kids in my neighborhood grew up playing this game, i dont know anyone my age that is a fan of hockey and has played this game.
  7. rcvthamc


    Hey guys, how's it going. I'm new to this forum, but not new to the game NHL 94. I been playing since I was six years old, I started with the original NHLPA 93' on Genesis. From then on I have pretty much played every single NHL game by EA up to 06'. It's great to be part of a forum keeping alive the memory of the golden age of Hockey video games!