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  1. Nothing out of the ordinary that I can think of... I'm not on AIM, so is it best to Media Fire it and send through the chat function on here?
  2. Hey Smoz, been using this for a while now and its a gem! Just wondering what the compatibility is like the the 30 team rom. I'm nearly finished on my ENL rom now (thanks for all the help by the way) but EARE crashes when I try to open it to change selectable teams (amongst other things). Any ideas?
  3. The hex addicts references links are broken, hence my dilemma.
  4. That guy tearing up by the boards at the end...that would have been me. Hell, I was half-way there just watching it! Cracking video!
  5. Morning everyone, long time no speak! I'm painfully close to finishing off an English national league mod for 94, and need a bit of help in finding a couple of things in tile molester; any help would be much appreciated. I believe I'm using an edited version of the 30 team rom. -colour pallettes for the menu team logos. -location of, and pallettes for 'home & away' name bars (shown on the in game pause menu) -location of, and pallettes for the Stanley cup sprite -location of, and pallettes for the zamboni Many thanks for any help you can give. Rob.
  6. All i'm saying is that if the franchise were to revert back to it's original namesake in Hamilton then it would roll off the tongue rather well, no need to get all snide.
  7. hmmm...I wonder... "I'm gonna kill Gary Bettman. I'm going to jail. I don't care anymore." Let's see how quick those NHL enforcement boats are across the atlantic.
  8. "The Hamilton Jets" has a nice ring to it...
  9. Anybody with romantic notions of a return for the Jets, Whalers or Nordiques can forget it, it isn't going to happen. But, what we will see should the franchise move to southern ontario, is a sustainable, successful franchise and thats something you can't get in Pheonix or Atlanta. The day that the Coyotes move is the day we move a step closer to the NHL of old; a niche market, yes, a minor sport in the US, possibly, but a sport that actually understands where it's heartland lies and where it's restrictions and boundries are. The greatest possible outcome of a Coyotes relocation is a bloody n
  10. Nice little adjustments...not sure about the ice colour Although i'd like to see the references for the info your citing.
  11. No unfortunatly the rom will not include fighting. As far as i'm aware, and indeed as far as anyone on this site is aware, inplimenting fighting into NHL 94 is an impossibility without re-programming the game entirely. If any of us were that good we'd be doing this for a living. As it stands however, there is a slim possibility (lack of expertise not withstanding) of a slight suprise in the Platinum ROM. Something in the same vein that I think you might like. But of course, i'll never tell
  12. Firstly, the question. I'm in the final stages of the Platinum Rom, the only real thing of any graphical value outstanding is the editing of the ice textures. I need to revert the crease and face off circles back to the original NHL 94 textures, whilst leaving the bench area and penelty box untouched. Yes, I am aware of the wboy thread on editing and creating new ice textures, but this isn't what i'm looking for. The textures already exist, I just need to replace the new set with the old set. I'm using the 30 team rom as a base. Any help would be much appreciated. Ok, now onto the nice stuf
  13. It's a big job though for the entire ROM. I'd go down the HEX editing route before I did that, find out the code that influences player stamina and go from there.
  14. Ok, i'm gonna throw my pennies'worth in. I've played both games extensively over the last few months, and never really settled upon one or the other but each have their good and bad points. Gameplay: Megadrive (I refuse to call it Gens): Faster, more responsive, a bit more free-flowing, checks feel bigger, goal siren (although a horn would have been nicer), one timers are easier, AI is a little less challenging. More fun than it's Nintendo counterpart SNES: Checking over the boards (Awesome), better goaltender animations (they make proper scramble saves and actually cover the puck), better
  15. It would have to be, because they are the only ones reliant on the strip pallates, the main menu logos have their own pallates. In answer to the original question, you will need a program called tile-molester in which you can load up the graphics found within the rom and edit them to your liking. You can find a copy of the program under the downloads section. To load up the rom and graphics, simply use the references download that wboy put up a while back...i think it's somewhere on the first page of the "Editing the game" section, if not just have a hunt around. You'll need to load up the c