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  1. i recently upgraded the firmware on my router from stock to third party and never even added port forwarding back in. everything still works.
  2. Anything you have bought in the last 24 months should be able to handle that game. My guess is that there might be some issues if you are running a 2002 game on Windows 8 and/or a 64 bit operating system.
  3. How can you have a start date without odds.....
  4. For the rom I did (v8) I didn't realize the player cards for the players on LA now (Roberts and Burke) are still the old ones (hogue and cheveldae). I don't know how to change that. If someone could do that it would be great.
  5. Los Angeles Kings LD - Rob Blake - #44 RD - Scott Stevens LW - Steve Larmer C - Gary Roberts RW - Geoff Sanderson EX - Chris Kontos G - Sean Burke LD - Daryl Sydor RD - Sylvian Cote LW - Evgeni Davydov C - Chris Kontos RW - Jamie Baker EX - Gary Roberts G - Jeff Hacket
  6. If you need people to tell you if a trade is fair you shouldn't be allowed to trade (no offense as you aren't a rookie).
  7. to hokkee : 2.19 to dcicon : Scott Stevens
  8. There is no fun in that. Swapping teams is best.
  9. to plabax : 2.03, 4.13 to dcicon : 2.19, 3.8 confirmed on aim
  10. to playbax : 1.12 and 5.12 to dcicon : 2.3 and 3.22 playbax confirms on AIM
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