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  1. Hey Mack, can you post some screen shots? or do you want to keep it a secret till launch day
  2. sorry guys, that was my fault, the link is now fixed
  3. thanks guys I put together a rating template based on points, goalie wins, and team wins, you can view it here cool, who was your father?
  4. Hey everybody, The 80's are done, you can get them here. both the 70's and 80's roms are now based off my rating template, i also added NHL 71, added the 74 summit series to NHL 74, and fixed some logos and jersey colors. I am currently working on a Canada Cup rom and past Olympic hockey rom, i will work on these throughout the summer, then get back at the 90's roms. Enjoy
  5. which crease do you need, click here to view
  6. no problem man, anything i can do to help out.

  7. sabre sent it to me and i have put it up, you can get it from here. keep up the great work sabredance
  8. Just to keep you up to date, the 80's roms should be up in late march or early april, I also put together a player and team rating template, it works really well, i have been using it for the 80's rom. I will go back and fix the 70's rom after the 80's. you can view it here
  9. how is that 30 team rom coming along?
  10. maybe in the future i will look into the WHA and others, i really enjoy working on these roms, but for now i would like to get these other roms up first, i'm just finishing NHL 1987
  11. Swos&Mahavishnu's is updated frequently, i do mine at the beginning of the season and at playoff time, Mack also has one, he brings it out at trade deadline.
  12. i was playing around with the 93 rom and was able to make some changes, i removed the banners, changed the menu color, removed the center ice logo. I am gonna try and keep playing with it. You can get it here. Hopefully Mack will release his 30 team rom.
  13. so how is this project coming along Mack?
  14. hey guys and girls, I have put up the 70's roms, you can get them here more will follow, enjoy
  15. that is awsome, great job man
  16. i will put them back up soon, just fixing the website to add the 70s,80s,90s,00s, roms
  17. thanks guys, i will release these roms soon
  18. I'm just finishing up 1983, will release them when i am done 1986, just need someone to help me create the 87-91 crease. screens below. once the 87-91 crease is completed, it will be pretty easy to make the others.
  19. Hey guys and girls, I have been working on a rom for every year starting at 1972, im up to 1983, but i need a little help, there is a goalie crease change in 1987, i tried to do it but it was to hard. Send me a message if you want to help me out. Here are some screens from a couple of years. Slapshot67
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