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  1. I have only been able to connect to public servers with client, could never get p2p to work. Im new, what am i maybe doing wrong? i turned off all firewalls but still no.. any suggestions?
  2. i didnt even know i made it in the league, ill play my 5 games sat night or sun night
  3. I guess I need a test game for classic league, lets hook it up!
  4. im quitting online play, just a quick fyi. so i wont be playing anymore blitz games
  5. bob mackenzie is not a good choice for a coach. He's a stat guy, rumour guy, and a boring TSN analyst.. he could put you to sleep with his monotone dribble. He is very hockey smart, but not in a coach-like way. Pierre was an assistant, is a great colour guy, and would make a far superior NHL head coach. Former players also are much better suited to be coaches. They've been around NHL coaches their whole career. Lot's of experience just watching other coaches, their styles, their tricks, etc. Closest Bob Mackenzie comes to seeing coaches in action is in the locker room after the game trying to get an interview or a scoop.
  6. awesome work man! anyone gonna be in vancouver for the olympics?
  7. i know what u mean. ive never played online before until yesterday, so im trying to get used to the weight as well as online play.
  8. that's fine, i dont mind just playing exhibition games too just for fun/practice
  9. email/MSN: Bos Dal Det Hfd Nyi Van Wpg
  10. looking for a test game! excited to start playing MSN/email: