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  1. I feel my display name is a bit...too direct. Is there any way I can change it?
  2. 95 was my favourite game after 94. I loved the theme song, I loved the fact that you could trade players, create players (my buddies and I used to like to create ourselves). Plus, we liked that it was still the same game as 94, but with more features. 1989-90 was my father's favourite season. I was only 5 or 6 during that season, and I barely knew anything about hockey and barely knew any players (I knew Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Ron Francis and Peter Sidorkiewics). He said that great thing about that season was all teams were contenders (except Toronto and Buffalo). Also, the Russians came that year. I noticed people here hack games, and edit it; but can someone make a NHL 94 or 95 ROM for SNES with 89-90 rosters, so there can finally be an NHL 91? Thanks.
  3. A hockey video game isn't about jerseys or sponsors. It's about playing hockey. Or else it would be called NHL Jersey. Why was 94 so great? It had this feel to it that no other game had. I look back when I recieved NHL 94 for Christmas in 1993. I was excited, and I have fond memories of turning on the TV, inserting the cartridge into the SNES, turning on the SNES, hearing the "EA Sports...it's in the game!", watching the pucks float in the air, and choosing Hartford vs. anybody. Someone gave me NHL 11 as a birthday present, I put it on my PS3, but it wasn't the same. It didn't have that great feeling you have whenever you played 94 on the SNES. Create a Team, Alternate Jerseys, Sponsors...that's not what EA Hockey games are about. One of my friends got 97 for PC when it came out and he said it wasn't fun at all, and he got bored after an hour. Also, to answer your 96 PC problem, did you download the game online? Or do you own a NHL 96 CD-rom? Try going on eBay or Amazon, find the cheapest version of 96 you can find, wait a few days, put the CD in your PC and have fun with that. 94 was, and will always be the best. I also owned 95 and 96 for the SNES, but 94 was the ultimate favourite. So, download a SNES emulator, find someone online, and go play.
  4. Glad to see Winnipeg has a team back. Hartford should be next!

  5. There could of been an entire series of RHI games. Too bad the league ended, it could of been a big league. RHI 11, imagine that.
  6. The Canucks seem like cup winners... But other teams that I think could be bringing home the Holy Grail of Hockey are San Jose (minus Nabokov, plus Niemi), Washington (Neurvith and Holtby running the show), Pittsburgh (Kovalev could fill in for Malkin and Crosby), and the Hawks again (still in it).
  7. We could add a NHL 96 section to NHL 94.com, or a section to all the retro games until 98. I'd like that a lot.
  8. I'd like a SNES test game, please.