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  1. Craig signed with Italian League team HC Neumarkt-Egna: http://www.hc-neumarkt.com/de/news/news/3-serie-a2/399-mike-craig-heisst-der-naechste-sensationstransfer-fuer-die-wild-goose.html
  2. This is pretty sick...can't wait to try it out.
  3. Miroslav Satan: Salsa Ran Vomit
  4. Joe Sakic: A sic joke Peter Forsberg: Bro Ferret Pegs Tony Hrkac: Cranky Hot Igor Larionov: Rival Goo Iron (lol)
  5. Nice job! You might want to add Adam Foote - QUE since he was left off the Nordiques rosters in the real NHL 94.
  6. The Pickering Orbiters select Sidney Crosby with their 1st round pick
  7. Pickering Orbiters Colour: Lime, lime, lime, black, and lime...and black helmets. EDIT: okay maybe some red in there too...
  8. Haha, I always thought I was the last person on earth that used AOL mail
  9. I was thinking more like a text chat group, not a voice chat group.
  10. How many of you guys here have Skype? Would be cool to have a 94 discussion group Mine is kp44avs btw
  11. Yeah, plus a lot of these countries are colonies of other countries.
  12. Do people in Comoros even know what hockey is?
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