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  1. I like the football game more than hockey, but they're both pretty fun.
  2. trudatman: you are an snes bully who constantly puts down genesis players. will you ever learn your own lesson?
  3. Tampa Bay Lightning First Line LW: The Great One #99 C: Davydov RW: Turcotte LD: Zhitnik RD: Sjodin X: Keane G: Richter Second Line LW: Keane C: Turcotte RW: Keane LD: Wilkinson RD: Wilkinson X: Turcotte G: Fiset
  4. Best part is at 4:32: "Nice hats, ladies" ... then "hitting the G Spot"... haha
  5. Tampa Bay Lightning LW: Gretzky C: Davydov RW: Turcotte LD: Zhitnik RD: Sjodin G: Richter Extra Attacker: Noonan LW2: Keane C2: Noonan RW2: Acton LD2: Wilkinson RD2: Luongo G2: Fiset
  6. Stephane Fiset If he's taken, give me Billington If he's taken, give me Waite
  7. Tampa Bay Lightning select Keith Acton
  8. Thanks. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way and I was stuck in a meeting for a couple hours. It took me well over a minute to go through round 7, 8, 9, 10 and see if players i wanted were taken and then repeat the process several times because most of the good available players according to the website are taken. I had a spreadsheet list for my starting lineup, but it became too confusing when people were allowed to change their picks after they submitted them and whatnot. Also I don't have the time for creating, maintaining, and sorting a long list of players who will probably get picked before my slot anyway. It would have been nice if someone could have done this in Google Docs and shared it with everyone for the benefit of running a good clean draft. At this point, let's just get this thing over with. FYI, I did not draft Wendell Young but he is on my roster.
  9. This is too confusing... can we just finish the draft over the weekend? Only 2 rounds left.
  10. give me brian noonan for round 10 plz
  11. Shouldn't round 10 not lock until 5:45? I don't want claude lemieux. still trying to figure out who's available because the site is 3 rounds behind. this sucks!!!
  12. Tampa Bay Lightning select Mike Keane
  13. Changed again to Neil Wilkinson. Can we limit the draft to 1 round per day? This is getting really confusing when the website is so far behind the draft picks.
  14. FYI, I changed my pick to Neil Wilkinson because I just got home and slightly freaked out after seeing I was skipped so I rushed but then looked at the players and changed. Hope no one has a problem with that
  15. Tampa Bay Lightning select Neil Wilkinson, D
  16. Thanks! We're doing a lot of manual aggregation right now, so we use feeds to find everything and then we only post the stuff we like and we'll add a short commentary and cite the sources Hmm... how old is your PC? Income will come mainly through ads and commission on sales through our website.
  17. Tampa Bay Lightning select Darren Turcotte
  18. The Tampa Bay Lightning select Tommy "The Dream" Sjodin
  19. Tampa Bay Lightning select G - Mike Richter
  20. Hey guys, Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been online much lately. I've been working crazy 70+ hour weeks building and running a music news website called Zumic. We just launched to the public 2 weeks ago. www.zumic.com We're still building the website, so we're kind of in Beta testing mode now. Still working to make it a really great site, and then we'll have a serious launch in a few months. I'd really appreciate if you could check it out, browse it a little bit, and tell me what you think. Wook P.S. Sorry to spam the forum with this, but it's very important to me. Hopefully Zumic is successful enough for me to hire a couple more employees so I can get my life back.
  21. 3.09 TB Lightning select Evgeny Davydov
  22. That Carse-Houly trade is highway robbery. Can we vote on this?
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