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  1. This is fantastic news. Bob, you're more than welcome to room with smoz, annatar, and I. I think I've just been downgraded to the couch or the floor but it is definitely worth it to have you there bud.
  2. I've played everyone but hokkee. I've even sat around the last couple nights waiting for him which is something i never do. Tonight is the last night im sitting here for you hokkee. you said youd be around evenings this week and you havent been here. Im unavailable the next two days so this is last call. If I dont see you by 8 pacific im gone.
  3. "play" is a demand. I have no patience for that on top of your other garbage. This is not an argument, this is me telling you how it is and I'm done.
  4. In short, plabax you make the 94 online experience unbearable so I just choose to acknowledge you as little as possible. When it comes to season games, I'll always play you at my convenience. You are disrespectful when you "ask" for games so I have no inclination to accommodate you at all. Playoffs are different, I like quick playoffs so I'll be flexible despite you. Also I've played at zero frames all season. My record has taken a real hit it seems.
  5. Got habs in last night, Ggs bud. Ice, hope you are doing better. Lets reschedule. I'm still flexible in the evening. Hokkee,let me know your alive bud. I'm not gonna sit around for you.
  6. Ill take my other pet team... Rangers
  7. Habs and hokkee. you need to communicate with me otherwise we arent playing. im not sitting here all night waiting for you after i play ice.
  8. I have purchased my tickets. Watch out Canadian buds. My ticket was 450 ish American. A bit more pricey than my ticket to Sweden in December if you can believe it.
  9. That's a lot of Tuesdays already. I'll be around Tuesday 100% as well as tonight. Lupz, habs, Hokkee, tonight is a good time to get me.
  10. Ice Seth Raph Brut Habs Hokkee Lupz I'll be in evenings this week starting with tonight around 830 est. Post which day works for you and I should be able to make it.
  11. Are we doing a full on lottery or a tiered lottery?
  12. Might not make it tonight. Feels like I'm coming down with something fierce and will just want rest.
  13. Lupz, I'll be on tonight after 8 est. See you tonight hopefully
  14. I'll be on tonight as well starting around 8 est. I won't last long as midnight will be around the time I head to bed
  15. Just a quick little blurb for now. Just want to thank trojan for hosting the event as well as myself at his house. That made the trip a bit more feasible logistically for me which I appreciate because he's a great host and he put on a great tournament that I wish more of us could have experienced. Also, I did lose a game of 94 in Wisconsin. Tim beat me Friday night and played me tight in a couple others. He gave me the wake up call I seemed to be in need of to be ready for the tournament.
  16. I'll be around tonight. Next week I should be around an evening or two as well.
  17. Tell them the defending champ is from California. I'm sure they can run with the answer from there.
  18. No. And I won't be around for a few days probably.
  19. No money, we had two trophies, a couple posters, and that sweet vintage Brian leetch jersey.
  20. Send me a personal message through the forums or instant message me on Aim at angryjay93
  21. Yes, my ticket is bought for Milwaukee. I plan on renting a car if I have no one from Chicago to pick me up.