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  1. Benoit Pouliot (#67 NYR) is left handed; you got him set up as right handed.
  2. I shut down then turned on my computer, and it went back to letting me just be player 1. I do not like red because I always use either CHI or NYR, and both of these teams have significant red. Neither has orange, so I figured orange is the winner.
  3. I tried that- I think I messed up the keyboard entry system. I was using 5 but the indicator is red; I wanted to use orange. So, I went to player 4, and did the edits, but now every time I go to the log in screen I see players 1,4,5 always wanting to log in. I get stuck on menus, so I deleted the game, and then re DL'ed hoping to just get a re-set and undo the edits that I made in this multi tap. However, deleting the file and re-DLing did not lead to a reset. So, I am trying to find the undeleted files, so I can start over. So I deleted everything then tried to start over, but still having problems. All 3 players- 1,4,5 all want to log in, and I am playing with stiffs just standing there on the ice. I cannot figure out how to get the guys I do not want to play with to log out. I assign nonsense keys to the left and right directionals on my D pad for players 1 and 5, but I just cannot get rid of players 1 and 5 wanting to join me.
  4. I have not done a serious critical critique by any means, but seems great from what I can see- player ratings and everything that I have checked all look spot on. My only gripe is how impossible it is for me (since I am on Mac) to get a different color indicator under my player (orange would be nice, but the default blue is a bit too subtle for my liking). I usually know who I am, but I still get lost once or twice per period.
  5. I might be able to help out again. I play inline Friday night and ice Sunday night, but Sat night I think I am free. My nights are your mornings as I am in Asia. Looking forward to having St. Louis and Nash available for my NYR. Lemme know if you need anything.
  6. We are in Jakarta- it is in a mall in a rink made for public skating. It is pretty bad actually- the angles of how the boards curve are all messed up, small rink, soft ice, no boards where the "benches" are. But it's hockey, in a place where it is too hot to work out outside, and the gyms here are not like I am used to, so this it it!! lol No reason as to why they chose black and yellow striped board whatevers.
  7. I would like to add the player indicator star if I can, and of course the graphic that shows who scored and who assisted. Anyone know how to do it? I am a total novice with iMovie. Doing this is about at capacity for me. I am using iMovie 9.0.9. The new iMovie is impossible for me to use.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151778033150996&set=a.434709745995.226831.333387460995&type=1&theater (Also trying to figure out if trudatman would be an XBox 360 guy or a PS3 guy). Just messing with you brother, still loving NinetyFlow and getting used to the lack of #s and Vegas style player indicators.
  9. I am using the SNES9x, and GENS Plus v1.2.8. Whenever my friend and I try to log in as 2 different players, we end up just fighting over the top user spot. So, both USB1 and USB2 are reading as Player1. I need one of these slots to read as Player2. How do I do this?
  10. It is definitely apparent that BOS has had their checking/ aggression/ D awareness ratings beefed up. I used to be them 7-0 or 7-1 just about every game in the last rendition (with either NYR, CHI or PIT). Just played one game with PIT and beat them 3-0, but Fleury stood on his head and my guys got hit alot harder than in any game I had every played previous. Only one knockout (Martin), but that is not really how I judge the game. I judge by how hard it was for me to knocked down the BOS players on my checks, and how easily my guys went down.
  11. Best ROM IMO. Skating physics and play development (for cross crease passes/ one timers especially) are best by far (of anything I have played, aside from NHL 13), bar none.
  12. Any chance of making Player 1's shadow Orange, and making Player 5's shadow that difficult to see Blue? I have no requests for 2,3,4; I usually play by myself against the computer, and think Orange would be ideal. I tried to change the indicator colors but could not figure out how. Thanks.
  13. For GENS, I prefer NHL 97. 95 is sort of lame, and 98 calls you for the 2 line pass. 96 and 97 are the same, I just like the teams in 97 better. For SNES, 94 is the only option IMO.
  14. Anyone have any ideas why this ROM will not work with a Mac, trying to run SNESx9.
  15. Do protecting and attacking have any influence on "Speed when carrying the puck"? For instance, Malkin seems really slow and lethargic when he is carrying the puck, despite high Speed/Agility ratings. I am wondering if his low Attack/ Protect ratings slow him down when he is puck carrying.
  16. I think that the NYR defenseman ratings are a bit off. In my opinion, McDonough, Girardi, Staal, and Del Zotto are a huge step above Stralman and Eminger. However, Stralman is a beast in this game. I scored 4 goals with him in one game on my road to the cup, when the entire rest fo the team was getting shut down. In watching, Stralman seems slow, poor with the puck, and his awareness is not stellar. By contract, the 4 guys that I listed always seem quick to and on the puck (not so much Girardi, he is just pure positional defense and lets McDonough do all the puck carrying), and in the right place. As I mentioned before, I think that some of the NYR forwards are a bit inflated (Richards and Zuccarello), while on in particular may be underrated (Brassard). Brassard may have just had a fluky run since joining NYR, but he has been the most productive NYR since he came on board.
  17. Just tinkering around with older ROMs from this site, and I gotta say, that I love how you did the #s in TruHockey. Not really feeling the nitro enhanced speed skating style, but I think you did this ROM around 2011, so all well and good, as I think you are pretty well dialed in to the physics of skating in NinetyFlow.
  18. All good; I am using SNES9x with a gamepad. I am thus required to figure out which button goes with what movement, and then map it. Still loving this ROM- the responsiveness of the players is perfect. When I try to play regular NHL94 now, it just feels like the guys are so sluggish. I also love how great the AI are are deking. They are useless on penalty shots, but any space on breakaways or semi breakaways and they will punish you if you don't goalie control.
  19. I'd play, but I am having difficulty here: "Testing your installation To test if Emulation Enhancer is working, go to the About Box in a supported emulator. (Note that if the emulator is dated before September 27th, 2008 you will need to download an updated version). You should see the words "Emulator Name (with Emulator Enhancer)". What does this mean, and how do I do this?
  20. Are you sure about A (shoot)? On my computer, the Shoot/ Check is the right Command button (left Command glitches the game)
  21. Which buttons are: a) Instant defense Left Instant Defense Right c) Instant Goaile Loving the game BTW. Been doing a bit better at figuring out who my guy is, and as long as line changes are off then I can pretty well figure who is who. Some of your ratings seem a bit off. I cannot figure how these bummy players are rated so high (Zuccarello/ Stepan/ Richards), and the superstars are rated as average (Malkin). Still though, the flow of this game is second to none.
  22. Yes, it feels like I am playing GENS. But, without all the GENS trash; just the feel of the skating, one timers, and shooting.
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