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  1. haven't been able to get gens to work at all. I tested it a couple weeks back with kupuck. no luck. interested to see if someone else can get it to run.
  2. i think you forgot the words
  3. I just did. just out of order it seems
  4. Hi, I'm back at school in Ann Arbor. I went to a barbershop today with a signed Dave Roberts EHL jersey on the ceiling. There was a lot of memorabilia. I also liked a framed photo of Yzerman signed, "Great haircut! Steve Yzerman." Looking to get some exhibition games in before I go 0-20 in league play.
  5. trying a winebottled Windows emulator. Need a windows player to test with
  6. I'm not claiming to have cured cancer, I'm just saying…mac to mac works. I'd like to test mac-to-pc. aim: waptje
  7. gens mac-to-mac has been tested with using hamachi LogMeIn. it works, it works, it works
  8. I don't have any windows to boot
  9. richer goes five-hole on fuhr. I need someone to play.
  10. hi, I'm new. I'm on a mac. I am nhl94-lonely. im: waptje
  11. do you know if would crash if both your RD & LD get put in the box? Since it seems that it would want to replace both with the 3rd D.
  12. you should pick a number. Let us call this number x. Only allow trades for which Player 1 Overall Draft Position - Player 2 Overall Draft Position < x If multiplayer deals are involved, then you sum the draft positions and do the same thing.
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