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  1. I just picked up on this over the last year from playing 2v2, I'm not a fan of the pause after a goal unless calling time out, goalie change, or necessity because line change after a penalty leads to a PP goal, BUT that's just in league play, in exis with guys I'm comfortable playing with (have exied a lot, and it's more for fun, and practice then actual competition thou f**k you I want to win every single game) I could care less, and enjoy pausing checking out replays of awesome goals for, and against, and funny stupid s**t like slappers off defenders dome piece that saves a goal, or like last night nailing a one timer to only see the goal credited to someone else, and had to replay why the f**k he got credit to find out he was behind the net, and touched the puck through the back of the net after it went in giving him credit for the goal, stuff like that during exis. Real games I will make comments about over Discord chat during, or mostly after game.
  2. We need to get this thing scheduled, Classic is humming along, PRL season 3 is probably well over 50% complete, and the season isn't even posted on the site yet, VHL is probably more then 20% complete, and the season hasn't even officially started yet. I'd say a December 1st draft start would be perfect, week to 2 week long draft IF that's what guys want (I'd prefer a day, or 2, but I'm one of a small few that are crazy for this s**t), trade deadline New Year's Eve if draft drags to the full 2 week, December 23rd if it only goes 1 week, and a official season start of January 1st this would give Classic, and VHL plenty of time to have playoffs completed, or close to completion, and probably be finished with PRL Season 4 before then, and maybe take a month hiatus from PRL leagues with maybe @CoachMac coming up with an 80's rom to draft from (if he is interested in putting in that kind of work would completely understand if he did not want to), and maybe do a 6 team lottery for teams to add to the draft pool with the 80's rom, and if you have a keeper from one of those teams selected in that lottery he is no longer keeper eligible for you that season to throw a little wrinkle in the PRL format (this should probably be posted in PRL league thread somewhere not here sorry). I think if we recruit some of the VHL newbs, and Classic newbs we can more then fill this league with at least 16 teams if promoted more after Thanksgiving when some of those guys see those seasons are almost done. What do you think @Brutus ?
  3. Can you just make a Rom with the Oilers in it, and start a league, and I'll take them please, McDavid, Messier, Gretzky, Coffey, Lowe, Fuhr, Ranford, Klima, Kurri, Ryan Smith, Glenn Anderson, Esa Tikk, just to name a few!
  4. Your in, Classic, and PRL 3 are gonna be wrapped up before Thanksgiving. And @IceStorm70 sign your ass up, @ZEPPELIN198, and @flatcrusher come sign up!
  5. fixed to reflect updated standings!
  6. Nice! I'm on the verge of becoming only the 2nd person to give up 4000 goals scored, can't wait to join this prestigious club!
  7. I'm 4th in the playoff wins club! Only 25 more to go till 100!
  8. St. Louis Blues LD Pilote #3 RD Pronovost #18 LW Modano #9 C Neely #8 RW Courtnall #26 X Delveccio #10 G Cheveldae #32 Line 2 Sub On both RD, and LD Konroyd change # to 88 LW Courtnall C Modano RW Courtnall Hopefully this correct so Courtnall comes in for a penalty to either Neely or Modano and Modano plays C if Neely and someone else is in box on 5 on 3's, or Courtnall if both Neely and Modano are in the box.
  9. Blues would like to welcome back Cam Neely for a 2nd season.
  10. Blues are back and looking to bring home Brett!
  11. Rangers Lw Gaudreau C Kane Rw Kessel LD Lindholm RD Suter G Schneider X Arvidsson Line 2 LW Kessel C Kessel RW Arvidsson LD Slavin RD Slavin
  12. 9.9 Rangers select Shayne Gostibehere
  13. 8.9 NY Rangers select Jaccob Slavin
  14. Yes draft league with UNLIMITED trades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grab Pitt they are available!
  15. It's Classic without penalties, B check enabled, and y button, and quick goalie control like Blitz was. It's NHL94 on steroids you can play like 10 games in 45 minutes with no penalty stoppages. Awesome league, and awesome rom.
  16. Rangers select Corey Schneider
  17. You know I'm in, and I'm looking to trade like mother fucker, need to some how top the team I put together in Plablegs uno!!!!!!!!!! Unlimited trades bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rangers please, unless Raph had them in Plablegs 1, then give me the Sharks.
  18. 6.3 LUPZ27 and the Rangers pick Hampus Lindholm. @scamy89 is up but it's 3 AM where he lives.
  19. Lupz27 trades 6th rounder and 7th rounder to Kevin77 for his 6th rounder and 8th rounder.
  20. 5.8 Chicago selects Jeff Carter 5.9 Rangers select Johnny Gaudreau
  21. 5.6 Jer Selects Jonathan Drouin
  22. 4.9 Rangers select Victor Arvidsson
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