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  1. I’d be interested if you are still accepting
  2. That’s a really cool idea. Would be good to add depth and players to our existing lineups
  3. I Tried a test analysis of the La kings, giving the players first 0 defensive awareness (0-25) and in the second game 6 defensive awareness (99) overall. I saw a significant difference in the ability to intercept and B check the puck off the offensive teams sticks with 99 defensive awareness. I also found the defensive players retreated faster in transition as in the first picture below. I also did the same for the offensive team. I found that 99 offensive awareness the players spaced out better on the ice for one timers. And that they scored more throw the puck to the net goals.
  4. Jamiesoccer

    ETB F/D Trades

    I am posting a trade of: drop Bob Errey pick up Valcislav Fetisov
  5. Montreal Canadiens Sc1- Damphousse- Savard - Bellows D1 - Brisbrois LD - Desjardins RD Sc2- Keane- Lebeau - Muller D2 - J.J Dainault LD - Schneider RD Sc3- Leclair - leeman -Carboneau D3 - Lyle Odelein LD- Rob Ramage RD Pp1- Damphousse - Savard - Bellows Brisbrois - Desjardins Pp2- Leeman - Lebeau - Muller J.J Dainault - Schneider Pk1- Keane - Savard Brisbrois - Desjardins Pk2- Carboneau - Lebeau J.J Dandenault - Schneider Patrick Roy
  6. Line 1: LW: Thomas C: Turgeon RW: Ferraro LD: Kasperitis RD: Norton Line 2: LW: Mullen C: Hogue RW: Flately LD: Malakhov RD: Lachance Line 3: LW: McInnis C: King RW: Volek LD: Kurvers RD: Krupp 1st Goalie: Mark Fittspatrick 2nd Goalie: Glenn Healy
  7. Hello FIFA legends, thank you so much for the amazing work you're doing. I had no idea these audio files were so big, Is there a way to get around it, like take a sound and code for that sound to repeat until the desired song is made? some of the songs you have like ohohohohohoh, could you repeat that string to make a smaller code size in hex?
  8. This is an amazing piece of work thank you guys.
  9. Thanks , I fixed it with an update.
  10. Anyone know if NOSE editor works on Windows 10?
  11. LiNE1: LW - (10) Dale Hawerchuk C - (89) Alexandre Mogilny RW - (12) Bob Errey LD - (7) Petr Svoboda RD - (41) Ken Sutton LiNE2: LW - (13) Yuri Khymalev C - (16) Pat Lafontaine RW - ( 28) Donald Audette LD - (3) Grant Ledyard RD - (42) Richard Smehlik LiNE3: LW - ( 17) Colin Patterson C - (18) Wayne Presley. RW - (20) Don Sweeney LD - (6) Keith Carney RD - ( 8) Doug Bodger Bench: F - (19) Randy Wood F - (32) Rob Ray F - (27) Brad May F - (14) Dave Hannan D - ( 2) Gord Donnoly D - (24) Randy Moller Goal: G - (31) Grant Fuhr G - (39) Domenik Hasek
  12. Great work King Raph. We need more analysis games from you and AJ! Do you think it’s possible you and AJ could do a commentary on a finals game in Minnesota?
  13. Boston Bruins: Forwards: Line 1: Heinz -Juneau -Oates Line 2: pantaleyev -Neely- Kvartlnov Line 3: Ruzicka-Douris-Donato Line 4: Leach-CJ Young -Poulin Defence: Line 1:Wesley-Sweeney Line 2: Borque -Murphy Line 3: Featherstone-Shaw line 4: Roberts-Wiemer Reserves: Hughes Reid Kimble Goalies: Moog Blue
  14. Boston Bruins: Forwards: Line 1: Ruzicka-Neely-Oates Line 2: Kvartalnov-Juneau-Poulin Line 3: Pantaleyev-Douris-Donato Line 4: Leach-Heinze-Reid Defence: Line 1:Wesley-Bourque Line 2: Sweeney-Murphy Line 3: Featherstone-Shaw line 4: Roberts-Wiemer Reserves: Hughes Young Kimble Goalies: Moog Blue