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Name the players who have scored at least 50 goals and 50 assists in one season

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i got 90 0ut of 101.

not bad eh? :D

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Missed 13

5 - from 70s

7 - from 80s

1 - from 90s

Of those 13, there's 9 I've never heard of and 4 I would have guessed, eventually.

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61. Had I guessed Mike Bossy I would've had probably 71. I can't believe I forgot him.

As far as the original 6 goes. My Grandpa told me when he was a kid and went to the old Stadium, the Black Hawks commuted by train back in the day. They would take the train to Detroit, from there up to Toronto, over to the East coast where there is Montreal, Boston, and then the Rangers. Take the train back from NY or Boston, I don't know which is closer, to Chicago and do it all over again. Man, imagine the rivalries back then. I'd imagine the games back then would have to be pretty spaced out due to travel time.

I found this:

"Air travel was used for teams for the first time in the late 1950s, and by 1960 the wearying train rides that players had to endure on road trips were a thing of the past."

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