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Hey everybody! I've been working on an updated version of my NHL '11 ROM for SNES. With this ROM, I've tried to make it look as nice and play as close to the original as I remember it. Plus, I found a way to "Free byte edit" to fit players', teams', and stadiums' names in full (more on that later...)

* 28 teams (No Ottawa or Columbus; sorry...); Atlanta is in Winnipeg's spot to prepare for next season's ROM.

* Updated rosters, playoff matchups ("top 8"/"bottom 8"), team ratings and advantages

* The NLC line has been changed to the team's 4th line players (no particular reason other than keeping track of a team's 4th line, I never play NLC anyway).

* Lines reflect common lines for the playoffs or the full regular season, depending on if the team was a playoff team or not

* Updated logo palettes, portrait palettes

If there are any issues to the ROM, post here and I'll see what I can do.

I've also been working on an Excel editor (taking elements of smozoma's NHLPA '93 64-team ROM) that one may use to edit this ROM or create their own (though it is a long process). It's still a work in progress (and not in Excel format; only OpenOffice), but I can release some info about it.

Currently, the NHL '94 Altered Editor (v 0.5) can:

* Edit team, player data

* Edit lines

* Edit playoff matches

* Edit banner text

* Change center ice logo pointers

* Edit portrait palettes

I'm not ready to post the editor here yet, but PM me if you want the test version.

* Edit... Updated ROM to fix line issues

NHL \'94 Altered (2011).zip

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Yeah, maybe I took them out a little prematurely (they likely won't be in my 2012 ROM). I wanted to have a balanced number of teams from each conference, so I had to take one from each. Essentially, it is between Florida, Ottawa, or Atlanta/Winnipeg as the odd East team out. I figured that Florida will be a more intriguing team to watch next year than Ottawa imo.

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silly browser! double posted. what changes did you make that may not be obvious while playing? any sound alterations, player physics changes, etc? very nice. keep making SNES ROMs!

you have Pominville on the same line twice.

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good stuff, mostly. the ratings seem so far off on lots of players, but I get that you try to keep it like the original. still, shouldn't Chara and Thomas and the Sedins be in the high nineties? I guess not, eh? and McQuaid in the fifties?! he was like +30 or something like that (and he rarely plays with Chara, so it's not just from that), in the regular season. I see that you tinkered with the team logo colors. maybe you could teach me to do that and anything else I have yet to figure out. I am especially interested in learning to set player cards to the generic handedness images, so I'm hoping you could show me that stuff in a way that my brain can grasp. I'm not sure I'd use the ability to change the logo colors, but I very much want to use generic pictures for player cards in my ROMs and I do not get it at all. holler and keep these SNES ROMs coming!

oh, and why is PIT rated 32 overall?

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Thanks for the comments, trudatman. I might have missed a couple of things in my testing (such as Pittsburgh's team rating ;)). You're right that some of the players might be off (including McQuaid, who I didn't really notice too much until the SCF), and I do want it to be like the original ROM in terms of ratings scales (that's why I didn't really want too many high 90s players). I have the scale in mind, and I'll be tinkering with the ratings for the '12 ROM for sure.

As far as the logo color changing ability and generic pictures, I can get that info to you in the next day or so (I have it all; I just need to organize it).

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You need to take a look into the lines for some teams, such as Phoenix and Pittsburgh. Phoenix had a problem where I played 5-on-4 seemingly at random due to Marty Hanzal being listed twice - or somehow becoming listed twice.

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A rough guide to the overall quality/rating of a player is the "point shares" column on hockey reference.


See the "Scoring Regular Season" table, last 3 columns. PS = OPS + DPS. Point Shares = Offensive Point Shares + Defensive Point Shares.

McQuaid actually led the bruins in DPS and was 10th overall in PS (since his offense was non-existent).

(one thing to remember about point shares is that you should scale them up to 82 games if the player missed a lot of games.. PS*82/GP)

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some teams have only a few players in the lines, reusing guys multiple times in the same line, even. I forget which ones I saw this in, but it was fairly common. I very much would appreciate some details on using the generic player cards.

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Sorry about the delay; I've been busy with some other projects. I uploaded an updated version that should fix line issues. I'll have a preseason 2012 ROM out (with overhauled and reworked ratings) sometime in September once rosters are set.

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