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editing 95 for PC?


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JED (Jersey editor) uses HOMEPALS.BIN, AWAYPALS.BIN and CRESTS4.PPV files. At least colors of animations are somewhere in those files... dont know if this helps to locate actual sprites.

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all the graphics are compressed, i did notice that in the 2 .viv files there might be something...

you can extract the stuff in the .viv files, but opening the files after they are extracted is the problem

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Sorry for the super necro bump, but was looking at this recently


I’m pretty sure the animation sprites are in the .PPV files. I want to say there was a version of NHLInfo that could load some of the sprites, but either I’m imagining that, or that version has been lost to time. I’ve tried extracting the raw data from the .ppv files and putting it in TLP/TM but had no luck with any of the codec formats, which tells me the individual image files within the PPV file likely are also compressed.

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