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Ok, holidays are over. Where is everybody? I am looking for these coaches....

KHL Juiced

stheds2000: Always online? Sent a couple messages but no replies: Bad

Ian Rumnock: Always online? I messaged MANY times. 2 replies but 1 of them was 6 hours later: Bad

Grayto: I messaged a few times and got a couple of excuses not to play: Bad

BoKnows: Was busy with new house and waiting for internet: Legitimate

I spoke with stheads last night. He said he'd was still in and get some games in over within the next few days.

Ian played three games last night.

Grayto played 8 games last night.

now im up to date with bo. boom!

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BobK: Busy during holidays: Legitimate /// Asked me to play tonight, backed out 2 minutes later: Bad

Sorry about that but you said you needed 10 minutes and rumnock messaged me right after that and he was ready to play right away so I played my games with him. I have to get in my games when I can, and I t was already 1:30 AM at that time.

Sorry. We will play soon.

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My IM is on and set to mobile. Its weird because houly says my AIM shows me as being offline also. You 2 are the only guys that have had this issue. Still try to send an IM even if it says I am offline. I should still receive the message, I think.

As for my availability, I normally work the overnight shift so I cant play during the late night. BUT I also have been busy this week with a second job as an electrician. I have worked 40 hours in 2.5 days so I have been busy. Send me IM during the day. If I am not sleeping then I will respond.

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