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Same deal as last night probably.

Seano is on the clock and probably already asleep.

I've got all the graphics done on the rom.

If you have any special request get them to me by PM. No promises but I will try.

I should have the pre-season rom available almost immediately after the draft.

We will have a short period of Free Agency and Trading.

Then I will freeze roster moves, get your final line combos and put out the Regular season rom.

Regular season begins Dec 1.

18 games by Jan 1

42 games by Feb 1

Cup awarded by Mar. 1

Remember you will need to set three lines.

Line 1, Line 2, and Checking

No need for PP and PK as the only Pen is fighting.

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Uni's and What Ron Barr says about you (though I am writing a season preview on each team in that space. ) mainly.

Seano has 5 minutes or he will be skipped and Blitzburgh will be on the clock.

I sent him 2 PM's so hopefully he will jump in soon.

Edited by CoachMac
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Yes you are up.

Seano jump in whenever you can but we are going to proceed.

Let me know what you want for uni's. No promises but I will do my best. I like uni's to be at least close to what they wore in the 80' and early 90's.

No logos in 93.

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Ok Pittsburgh selects Stephen Leach. And I would like to have the all yellow uni that the Pens wore mid 80's as one of mine. I think they wore it at home but if thats not possible then away is fine. Thank you


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Thanks yea I think they are pretty slick unis. Also going by the times set up if someone misses their deadline should we just proceed with our picks or do you want us to wait for the official word from Commissioner CoachMac? Don't want to piss anyone off.....

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I think Jer has until 5 then you. Don't quote me though lol. I'm just waiting for CoachMac to tell me when its my turn lol

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