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Herein lies the announcement of the most premier snes nhl94 competition known to man. Tournament organizers have scoured the globing seeking to recruit the most elite talent (or just the guys who they could get, same dif) in order to test who might be the champions' champion.

Behold, the G-1 Grandprix, played under the most authentic and rigorous regulations in the 94 universe.

The contestants:

Northway Native- Calgary



Annatar-New York Rangers

Houly- New Jersey

Grayto- Toronto

Kashim- Los Angeles

C4outlaws- Quebec

If you are stout of heart and of no mean skill, there are two optional spots still available. Reply within this thread stating your intention to challenge for the ultimate glory within 3 days, otherwise these men named will continue on as 6.

The Rules: The way `94 was meant to be played

10 minute periods

Line changes: on


Offsides: determined by home team (subject to change)

The Format: (subject to number of participants)

1 group double round robin, home and away

top 4 seeds into playoffs

best 2 out of 3 playoffs

recording results: snesot

The Challenge:

The aim is to start by the end of this week. For those named, reply in thread to confirm your participation. Again, two spots are still available for those who will play. It is suggested to begin some exhibition under these rules in order to prepare for final contest.

Tournament is Up- You can Start Playing Immeditately


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You guys can play. There are still guys that need to confirm, so spots might still be available and reserves.

I'm expecting everyone to play all their games, even if it's their last game and they've lost every game 12-0. You need to play. There is no shame in losing, only in not showing up. This is the grand prix not some bush league. If I do this or any other tournament again you won't be allowed to play, extenuating circumstances allowing.

Play exis and state your 3 top team selection on Saturday. No crazy crap about it, first come first serve on Saturday. Games start next Sunday.

I'm taking suggestions on tournament format.

If we have 8, we can do 2 groups of 4 double round robin. I'm up for one group but that's more games. I would want double round robin regardless.

So let me know if you prefer one or two groups.

happy hunting

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There is a spot open still as I haven't been able to get in contact with oilers since he previously agreed. If he doesn't respond before Saturday, either we'll go on as seven or with another player.

Let me know if interested.

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