Fall 2014 GENS "A" Finals: Depch vs Brutus

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Watch the first minute of the 3rd period of Game 5, good hard-checking '94.

Great game, tight D, and no pass-shots that I could see.

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Yeah, Depch didn't seem to be big on the pass shots minus a few attempts from Hull and a few past the blue line.

I am no good at them, as 18 yrs of playing before I found this site w/out them is a hard unwind for me. I had a few errant ones, including one by Bourque that I pass shot into my own net!

If TK wanted to review this films, but withhold commenting, I could record some more games over the next few days & post them for analysis.

Withhold the commenting cause some guys like to watch the finals, beginning to end.

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Those who are looking for skill plays / fancy goals it's really not there, it was mostly very defensive hockey with tight checking and not much openings. I think one of the games was a full blowout vice verse. Also neither had the benefit of having a speed 5+ player either to create that room and few were the breakaways too. So there was not much room there to work with and Boston was very good at intercepting passes too, I couldn't utilize Hull as well as previously, minus the series vs Montreal.

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