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NHL '94 SNES 72 - 0 using Twin Galaxies criteria

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Hi everybody.

Currently having some red-tape issues with Twin Galaxies, when trying to verify my account (in order to submit a score), I get the message...

"Please call +13154021021 from the registered number to get the pin"

This seems to be because I live outside of the United States. I've tried calling the number and had operators help me with a different calling code, however, the number doesn't seem to be valid. Currently the highest score on Twin Galaxies for SNES NHL '94 using their criteria is 58 as of 2015-01-28.

Cut the 30 minute video into 2 15 minute segments, because at this time have 15 minute limit on YouTube. Recorded on a flatscreen, since older TV flickers. The camera used to record was a Canon PowerShot ELPH135, the video should be adequate. I would have liked it to be higher quality.

First 15 minutes:

Second 15 minutes:

NHL '94 SNES 72 - 0, 10 minute periods.bmp

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inspiring. great stuff, duder. I can usually only get to about 111, but this would be 144! wow. I still can't figure out why they do 10-minute periods as the standard, but not much about Twin Galaxies makes much sense to me. good action.

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Holy crap. The most I ever got was 57-0 and I was hoping to beat kingraph's record of 58 this summer.

Very Impressive!

You used:

Jagr - Lemieux - Mogilny

Wesley - Bourque

I was trying it with:

Mogilny - Lemieux - Gartner

Bourque - Stevens

It looks like you use Wesley as one of your main weapons. Never thought of that!

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