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kingof94 to be replaced in SDL3

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kingof94 wrote me an email on sunday. He's unable to get games in and asked to be replaced. I emailed mcmarkis to see if he wanted in. If i don't hear back him by end of tomorrow, I'll ask the new bud if he wants to take over.

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If I'm to understand me being the new guy, I think I should change my handle to:

thenewguy OR thenewbud

I've always felt awkward having numbers in my handle rather than at the end of it...

Thanks for the consideration buds!

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Any updates on the situation here?

I'll put you in bud...you can start using kingof94s team.

Since you are not registered for SNES...I'll have to get chaos to manually put you in.

just ask the others not upload any games until you see your name on there...as it wouldn't be fair to kingof94's stats.

gl bud.

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Welcome aboard, you'll be seeing me... we have 8 games. :)

Oh no...but at least this time I have Mario and you can't use him!

...welcome to SNES Ba

Thanks jackandjose. It's been a good time here so far.

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