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5 hours ago, Brutus said:

Let's just say, in your analogy, most doctors agreed that trying chemotherapy on a patient too weak to survive it wouldn't work  and that trying an alternative medicine, while likely to fail as well, was chosen.


Highlighting only the points you want to see is a fools gold approach to anything.

Seth was quitting if he had to play in any format not exactly how he wanted it.  He had become the MOST difficult member to placate of late & his constant byatching I feel helped drive turn out down. You were quitting out of boredom, as numerous times stated by you.  Your constant negative post/comments certainly didn't help, IMO, but your total efforts as a whole I'm sure helped more than not for sure.

Several coaches in the league had privately messaged me that they enjoyed Plablegs ( no penalties & fast paced) occasionally but would not want to keep doing it multiple seasons consecutively.

In Plablegs, you had several owners not finish/cancel/forfeit/replace as well, similar to all previous leagues.  Given you were OUT of your own league, and I didn't see even the SAME number of available coaches willing to replay Plablegs 2, how is not running a 12 coach Plablegs what killed Nhl 94?

i mean if 3-4 years ago, not using your league format was the reason for the decline, I can read that argument & state, I might not 100% agree with it, but it's harder to argue against it, S there were 40-50 coaches at times, and 20 active at all times, so a no nonsense approach with replacements /forfeits would have room to keep moving.

But last year? When the site was under 20 TOTAL active coaches.  Lolololol

Thsts just using clown talk cause you miss your crying partner Seth.



8 minutes ago, Premium said:

This is the way I see it:

The main goal of Plabax League was to influence all other leagues to be like mine, and for the community to model itself after the Tecmo community. Things seemed to be going on the right track, but unfortunately my progress was undermined because Et-Tu-Brute reverted to the old league structure. Instead of the community as a whole moving forward, my rule-set became an "alternative" rather than the standard, and we ended up moving backwards. It was an indirect way of the community saying, "we are not changing our ways". That is why I think not running Plablegs didn't kill NHL '94. 

Another thing to note is that 99% of slackers are slackers only because the community doesn't want to crack down on it. You are not grasping it correctly. For example, you say there were 40-50 coaches at times, and 20 were active. Under my method, if 40-50 coaches are around, then they are all likely active. The goal is not to have strict deadlines to kick the slackers out, the goal is to have strict deadlines so slackers don't exist. The point is.... slacking only exists because it's allowed (and supported) here. If there was absolutely no tolerance for it, then almost every single coach would be active, and you would likely never need a replacement outside of special events such as vacation, childbirth, divorce, etc.

Lastly, there were more than 20 coaches last year. GDL 16 had at least 27 different coaches participate in it. 




If you can read carefully, the tittle here is "Open NHL'94",  not Plabax League, or Brutus league,  VHL, or what ever you want.

Open a new topic if you want to debate for something else.

And if you have something constructive to say about the open project, you are welcome.




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8 hours ago, IceStorm70 said:

Hey how about we start GDL with target of 16 coaches, 2 8 team divisions and set the a start date of 11/15.

lets see the turnout, maybe add in Halifaxs email blast for classic that a draft league will also be starting.  


This is post mortem analysis is useless 

I'd be IN!

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On 9/16/2017 at 9:27 PM, McMikey said:

If this game was on the PlayStation network and playable though modern consoles,

The only downfall to this would be that we would lose the ability to hack the rom, and add in Blitz, and VHL, and ETB, and Plablegs, and well you get the point type roms that is/was the backbone of this site, and if there was no fantasy draft option to do a GDL type league then it would just be classic.  Also they would have to make the Gens controllers compatible via USB with their machines to keep the true experience alive, without all of this it still would not be optimal.  Sucks this is a critical post, and I have no constructive ideas to make everything above happen on a dedicated popular server like PS Network.

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fighting after the whistle...

goalie fights...

2 simultaneous fights...

3 simultaneous fights...

line brawls...

bench clearing brawls...

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You can add custom roms in madden & even NBA 2k games & set up fantasy drafts with custom rosters/ custom season rules.

IF they put the same version with the tech they already have in terms of servers & access, it'd be god mode.

id quit my day job 

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