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4 hours ago, CoachMac said:

Download an emulator of your choice from the first post..
You will have to configure your controller/keyboard.

Use this rom (game)


Or just go here and play in your browser.


Right so i downloaded all 3 and none of them work. My computer wont let me open any of them even after i shut off the privacy walls in my settings


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None of the Emulators work?

You are on a Mac?

You understand that you first get the emulator and then open the rom in the emulator?

You can't play in your web-browser?

I don't think privacy walls should matter, for just playing solo.

Last/Best option.  Buy a Genesis, get a 94 cart, and go crazy! (Those were the days!)

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I went to the websites that the emulator links brought me to and began to download them. Once they finished i tried to open them on my desktop but a pop up stopped me and said opening a non apple client was blocked by my security settings. I changed the settings and restarted my computer but the same pop up keeps telling me i cannot open the emulators. Went through the same process with the other available ones. The desktop play works fine tho


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I use OpenEmu on my MacBook.  Installation may be stalled by the Security & Privacy settings, but that should be a quick override by going into the System Preferences immediately after trying to install whatever emulator you are trying and "Unlocking" the Security & Privacy tab to allow you to proceed.  There shouldn't be any need to restart, and it's possible doing so might have undone that permission.  Unless you are explicitly told to restart, don't bother.

After that, the .bin files do not need to be further decompressed so they should work without issue.

What emulator(s) are you trying to install?

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