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So I don’t have a computer to play the rom BUT I know there use to be someone who use to make NES cartridges of NHL 94 with updated rosters. I’m diehard Blackhawks fan & would LOVE to play NHL 94 with Toews, Kane & Hossa.  I would like to purchase a cartridge whether it’s new or old if someone is willing to sell there’s. I’ll pay $50 or higher reasonable price for it. PLEASE HELP ME OUT 

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17 minutes ago, HITTER42 said:

So basically I buy the mega drive & they upload the game on it for me?

No you can take it right off of this site.

You can put 100 zillion different roms on it.

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21 minutes ago, HITTER42 said:

I’m just trying to get NHL 94 with update teams & rosters onto a mega drive cartridge so I can play it on my actual system & not on the computer. 

Exactly, and then next year you can put the next one on the same cartridge, over and over as many as you want.
That is what an Everdrive does, you put the rom or roms on an SD card, insert into everdrive, and then put the overdrive into your Genesis.

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23 minutes ago, HITTER42 said:

WELL DONE explaining it to me. What SD card do you recommend & what Megadrive do you recommend?

Happy to help, you will not be disappointed.


I have the Everdrive MD (which I guess they don't make anymore) and it takes a mini-SD card.
I just bought whatever from wal-mart and it has worked flawlessly.

I can't speak to what would be best, but I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.
I was a little worried buying it straight from Russia, but again it was a flawless transaction and arrived quickly.

I would probably just get the cheapest Everdrive (X3) for what you want and then any SD card.
20% off this Friday.
I would wait and get the SD card after it arrives as I can't tell if it takes a regular one or a mini.
As I said mine takes a mini.

EDIT:  I may say get the X5 after reading a little more.

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sorry I misunderstood and forgot about the workaround product.  I have set in my mind my own preference for cartridges which I wasn't thinking beyond.

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19 hours ago, HITTER42 said:

I’m gonna get this system which is handheld. I’m a truck driver so gives me something to do while I’m waiting for loads. 



I have one of these and confirm it does the trick. If you want mobile SNES gaming, this is the way to go. There's also the Supaboy, which I've heard is good as well.

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