Washington Capitals Expansion Draft

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So, I was going to do this big elaborate post about my selections but I mistakenly deleted my post half way through and can't recover it. Instead I'll just hit the high points very briefly and possibly do the write up within the next week. 

With that said here are the main bullet points behind the process.

-This is an expansion draft inspired by the 1974 expansion draft which brought the Kansas City Scouts and Washington Capitals into the league.
-The Caps got the first pick in the entry draft while the Scouts received the first goalie and first position player pick in the expansion draft
-The draft format was standard (Non-snake)
-NHL teams were allowed to protect 15 players leading into the draft. In addition, all players who had played 2 or less pro seasons by the end of the 1973-74 season were automatically exmpt
-Teams could lose up to 3 players in the expansion draft, but with each player lost they could protect one additional player. (Essentially a team could lose their 16th, 18th, and 20th best player)
-The WHA was also in full swing at this point by running a 12 team league of their own. No players from this league were available in the expansion draft
-In practicality, there were 30 professional teams with KC and Washington representing the 31st and 32nd franchises. Most of the players selected were not NHL caliber.

Now bullet points for my draft.

-I drafted players from the remaining summer draft league pool for the 12 supposed WHA teams, you can find the results below.

Summer League Washington Capitals - Rosters.pdf

-I then drafted for Kansas City and Washington in a similar manner to their actual draft. Kansas City's picks were not dummy picks, they were essentially players I would have picked before I made the selection for Washington.
-I started with goalies, proceeded to defenseman, and then finished with forwards to make things streamlined. 
-The talent pool was very shallow and I feel it gives an accurate enough portrayal of the situation in 1974.

Now to the picks

1. Kansas City - Jim Waite (47 ovr)
2. Washington - Vincent Riendeau (43 ovr)
3. Kansas City - Doug Crossman (50 ovr)
4. Washington - Brad McCrimmon (47 ovr)
5. Kansas City - Randy Ladoucer (45 ovr )
6. Washington - Lyle Odelein (47 ovr)
7. Kansas City - David Shaw (49 ovr)
8. Washington - Marc Bergevin (45 ovr)
9. Kansas City - Keith Brown (48 ovr)
10. Washington - Ken Danyeko (45 ovr)
11. Kansas City - Gilbert Dionne (61 ovr)
12. Washington - Michel Goulet (61 ovr)
13. Kansas City - Gregori Pantaleyev (54 ovr)
14. Washington - Brent Gilchrest (55 ovr)
15. Kansas City - Bob Kudelski (60 ovr)
16. Washington - Perry Berezan (53 ovr)
17. Kansas City - Brent Ashton (63 ovr)
18. Washington - Bob Probert (60 ovr)
19. Kansas City - Donald Audette (57 ovr)
20. Washington - Steve Kasper (55 ovr)

-If anyone wants to go for using Kansas City, feel free!

Thank you to Raph and anyone else who offered me players to use from their own roster for the upcoming season. I really appreciate the offer but I'm in the expansion mood right now as the Vegas Golden Knights work their way through the playoffs. They are not a real expansion team as they got to select 30 bona fide NHL players, most of the teams that came before them did not have such luxury. I wish to have no such luxury, other than Michel Goulet and his 5 shot accuracy!


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Love that aj did this. Nice write up and giving himself a challenge. 

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