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2018 2v2 League Idea.


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So there has been a ton of chatter on discord about getting a 2v2 league up, and running it’s been AWHILE.

I don’t have a schedule, games played format, or anything in mind I’d rather just gauge if there is true interest from enough coaches to get this going.

The foundation would be 4 captains, and ideally 12 coaches in the player pool to draft from giving each team 4 players making it easier to play games with more options to choose from from availability stand point.

At worst 4 Captains, and 4 coach draft pool for 4 teams.

While 12 coach draft pool is ideal, a 8 coach draft pool is the next ideal situation, and gives each team a 3rd coach to help get games played from an availability stand point.

This is just an outline, IF we have more interest in this from say some 2v2 old timers we can add more teams 5, or 6, but that’s probably a pipe dream.

I have an idea for the 4 captains, hopefully they are on board, and willing to be captains, without those 4, or someone coming in unexpectedly who is captain worthy this idea for a league won’t go anywhere, and if there are not at least 4 more interested parties other then the captains it goes nowhere, hopefully we get all 4 captains on board, and 8 other guys interested in participating in a 2v2 league.

ANYONE interested please reply here, and if you have any ideas on how the league should go down add those in your reply.

Lets Make 2v2 Great Again!

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An idea:

Have captains, but instead of having a stable of 2ndary coaches associated with each captain, just switch partners during each series.

So if there are captions C1 and C2 and partners P1 and P2, play

C1+P1 @ C2+P2
C2+P2 @ C1+P1
C1+P2 @ C2+P1
C2+P1 @ C1+P2

That way captain records don't depend on which partner is available

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7 minutes ago, angryjay93 said:

I would be interested in being one of the players in the pool.

Nice, I would definitely consider you a possible 5th captain if the player pool is large enough, and possibly you being one of the 4 captains as one of them said he would rather not be a captain, don’t want to force you into being a Captain either, we can cross this bridge when if we get to it.

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I’d play. This seems to more of a late night thing but I do get a couple late nights each week.

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