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  1. I’d be totally in for this @MikeGartner22. I’ve been hinting at a more “sim” style league while still keeping the fun of the game off and on around here. I hope you get the numbers you need to get it going. Ima a big SIM guy as I love passing, set ups, and plain ol Hockey strategy. A lot less run n’ gun goalie dump off quick shot save to streaking speedy player up the middle goals hopefully chef
  2. 9 1 154 Vladimir Malakhov D PHI Chef 9 2 155 Marcel Pronovost D QUE Skip 9 3 156 Ted Kennedy F TOR Jer_33 9 4 157 Brian Bellows F WPG Flatcrusher 9 5 158 Jamie Macoun
  3. The more orangey the sexier the flyguys get! Thanks bunches!!
  4. I’d play. This seems to more of a late night thing but I do get a couple late nights each week.
  5. Ok I'll offer my stick up for competitive play. Team Philly as usual.
  6. 9.12 chef takes Jon Marchessault 10.1 chef takes Mikhail Sergachev