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Stats from playing every team through the playoffs


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Over an unspecified amount of time, I was able to run through the playoffs with each NHL94 team.  I took the time to track the team scores and the individual goal scorers from each 4 game tournament (I won the Cup with all of them, so no losses).



-Each team's goal scoring is tracked on a separate tab with the top goal scorer (and secondary double digit goal scorer) listed on the Summary tab.  I highlighted games where a player scored >4 goals.

-No assists were tracked, although in hindsight I wish I had.

-The Summary tab lists each team's 4 game GoalsFor, GoalsAgainst, and GoalDifferential.  There's a section for most goals by a player in a single game, plus most total goals by a player and their percentage of their team's goals.

-I did not play favorites.  Every team I played with I created the best lineup that matched my playing style with the mission to score as many goals as I could.

Points of Interest:

-Klima/Simpson played out of their minds.  I never have much success with EDM.  I knew Klima was great, but Simpson scored a ton.

-Gilmour had to carry the Leafs.  No one else could get the offense going.

-The disappointment that were the Red Wings and the Rangers.  Yzerman's 7 total goals were downright pedestrian, while Gartner's 2 was unforgivable.

-VAN giving up only 1 goal in 4 games!

-Not counting Teppo, the Jets were a well-balanced offense.  QBC was too, but I expected that.  However QBC gave up a bunch of goals for a higher tier team.

-LaFontaine's 8 goal Finals performance skewed the stats in a big way. (Same for Semenov for ANA in their game2)

-Overachievers:  TBL, Semenov, LaFontaine, Simpson, Ekland, Mullen, Kontos, Davydov

-Disappointments:  BOS, DET, CHI/Roenick, NYR/Gartner, Non-Gilmour Leafs



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Hey Eman,

Thanks for sharing.  I can't access the dropbox link because I'm at work (will check out later), but I do something kind of similar.

Each year during my end of year holiday break, I choose 1 team to play best of 7 playoffs with on the original cartridge.  I use 10 minute periods, line changes auto, and penalties on except offsides.

My 1 requirement/goal:

Every skater gets at least 1 goal, 1 assist and 1 shot.

I've always been able to accomplish this, and I should gather all the teams I've played with/results as I keep track of a good amount of stats.  My most recent playoff run was with Calgary, which was a ton of fun and had the highest goals per game average I've done yet.

When I gather my stats into 1 sheet you can view, you'll same similar results where certain players underachieve and overachieve.  Ranheim was my underachiever, and Lindberg was my overachiever.

Anyway, I'll try to gather the stats soon for fun.



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Added my latest spreadsheet with Calgary, best of 7 playoffs
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Jeez, that's commitment. I assume you did a full scientific lab report as well? Haha, well done, I've never really thought of trying something like that but it's a really cool idea! hats off to you for the time you put in.

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I've been going kind of ham with playoff runs lately, here is a link below to my spreadsheet:


I've been stat tracking in a similar manner to Eman while using these rules

-5 min periods
-penalties on except for offside
-Playing the toughest matchup in the 1st rd
-Score by any means possible

My goal was to do a run with every team and I accomplished that but I was still tempted to play more games. To satiate my desire I started using 2nd, 3rd, & 4th lines along with backup goalies. I havent included the backups with the main team stats quite yet but you can see the performances I have completed within the team pages. 

I have found this to be a fun and refreshing way to play the computer when I have a spare 15-30 minutes.

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Here is a challenging fun way to play.

Best of 7 Playoffs

Play with Line Changes Off, BUT.....

Game 1 Use SC1 for your team. #1 Goalie
Game 2 Use SC2 for your team. #2 Goalie
Game 3 Use CHK for your team. #1 Goalie
Game 4 Use whatever you want to create for a 4th line with what is left.  #2 Goalie.

If you lose a game, you must use the line that lost in Game 5, etc... until you win.
Every Line must win to advance.

Players not on one of the 4 Lines (Scratches) are waiting for an injury.
If a player is injured in any way they are OUT! and go to the back of this line.
Also if you have a 3rd goalie he would play with Line 4.

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