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Line Rolling League 1 Rules


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After a successful Season 0, the Line Rolling League is looking to get off the ground with a more expanded Season 1.

Please read on for league details/rules, I will start a new thread for the draft order and lineup restrictions.


@corbettkb @kingraph @JSchmidt @Mike Gartner  @chaos @danTML7 @Mitch Kramer Mr. T, Angryjay93

Season Length: 64 games (8 games vs each opponent, 4 home & 4 away)

Playoff Eligibility: Top 6 teams qualify with the top two teams receiving a bye. Hard bracket (no reseeding). Tiebreakers will be wins -> head to head -> head to head goal differential -> overall goal differential

Series Format: When playing an opponent choose which team will be home and then run lines 1-4 in order if possible. Please try to avoid jumping from random lines unless agreed upon before playing games.

Teams Eligible: We will be using a progressive format where all teams selected in Season 1 will be ineligible for Season 2. League participation may vary so I would like to be flexible with the progression, I won't demand that every team be used before making all teams eligible again. 

Line Combos: Line combos must be set before the start of the season and adhere to certain restrictions for each team (This will be detailed further in the Draft thread). 4th lines will be up for review on an as needed basis just to ensure they remain within the spirit of the league. In season/or in game a team may move players around to new positions but the same 5 man unit must be iced. New Feature:  At anytime after game 32, a team may restructure their lines and re-post them ONCE, so long as they still adhere to the rules for their team. If a team does not use this one time option before playoffs, they forfeit the right to use it.

Goalies:  Backup goalies will be used for games involving Line 3 & 4. In playoffs, once a team reaches their 3rd line, the backup goalie will be brought in. 3rd Goalies: If a team has 3 goalies, the player may choose which backup to use for the Line 3 and 4 games. The same backup can play both games or the backups can split. 

Penalties: 1 minute penalties will continue to be used moving into Season 1.

Penalty Subs: If anyone is willing to edit the rom, we will put lower line/rated players in as subs (I will provide list). If no one is willing, subs will remain as is.

Injury Subs: If a player is injured, he must be replaced with a player from a lower line. If the duration of the injury is for the period, the player must be subbed back into the game once healthy again.

7th/8th Dmen: If a team only has 7 defense on their roster,  the lowest rated player from Line 3 must be used on Line 4 (unless someone wants to import an 8th dman for me where I will provide the ratings). 

Playoff Series: All playoff series are 7 games with game 1 consisting of Line 1 v Line 1. The winner of game one will move down to line 2, game 2 will consist of Line 2 v Line 1 where the winner of this game will again move down one line. Eventually, if the series gets to game 7 it will be Line 4 v Line 4. The first team to win a game with each of its lines moves onto the next round. 

Future Drafts: Future draft orders will take into account previous league performance.

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask them below. Otherwise, best of luck to everyone and lets enjoy this season!

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League Season 02 ROM: nhl94_rollinglines_02.bin

Classic ROM with 1 minute penalties

Lines altered to make substitutions bring in 3/4 line guys.

Players removed from duplicate teams to expansion.  Jarsolav Modry added to NJ for Defensemen.

Also, homage updated splash to original:


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