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    Worried about being chased down and paddled by the rising seniors, including notorious a-hole Fred O’Bannion.

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  1. (Chris O) In. Would be willing to drop to B if necessary
  2. (Chris O) Team Name: Hershey Bears LD: Cam Russell RD: Petr Svoboda LW: Wayne Gretzky C: Brian Bradley RW: Nikolai Borshevsky X: Joe Mullen 3rd D: Curt Giles G: Patrick Roy
  3. Team: Pittsburgh Penguins (Chris O) LW: Jeremy Roenick C: Dimitri Khristich RW: Tony Granato LD: Al MacInnis RD: Steve Chiasson G: Curtis Joseph Extra: Kevin Todd Jersey Dupes: Matt Schneider (27) -> 58 Vladimir Malakhov (23) -> 7
  4. Sick alternate reverse color unis for this rom!!
  5. (Chris O) Team Name: Pittsburgh Penguins LD: Petr Svoboda RD: Steve Duchesne LW: Kevin Dineen C: Dino Ciccarelli RW: Kevin Todd X: Joey Mullen 3rd D: Mark Tinordi G: Don Beaupre Any way to use current Penguins logo (the real one) one the ice instead of the Pittsburgh Pigeons logo? Thx!
  6. Username: Chris O I am in for A league if they will have me. Not looking to win. Just looking to get better. If A is too tight, bounce me to B league
  7. LA Kings Chris O LW - Savard C - Juneau RW - Sakic LD driver RD Wilson. F Subs Borsato then Keminsky. D subs Brisbois then Mironov ReplyForward
  8. Montreal Canadians C Stephane RicherLW Theoren FleuryRW Robert ReichelLD Keith ActonRD Andrei KovalenkoG Ed Belfourx - Yuri Khmylev1st Fwd Sub: Yuri Khmylev2nd Fwd Sub: Sergei NemchinovDman Sub: Jeff Brown
  9. Chris O New York Rangers Scoring Lines Position SC1 SC2 CHK LD Leetch Patrick Zubov RD Bukeboom Lowe Cirella LW Graves Turcotte Olczyk C Gartner Tikkenen Nemchinov RW Amonte Messier Borque Special Teams Position PP1 PP2 PK1 PK2 LD Leetch Patrick Leetch Patrick RD Zubov Lowe Zubov Lowe LW Graves Turcotte Nemchinov Turcotte C Gartner Nemchinov Gartner Tikkenen RW Tikkenen Messier n/a n/a
  10. Tampa Bay Lightning Chris O Kasper-Bradley-Bureau Dimaio-Kontos-Andersson Cole-Tucker- Zamner Hamrlik-Beers Chambers-Bergevin Reekie-Lipuma Young Jablonski Reserves: Forwards: Creighton, Lafreniere, Maltais, Bergland, Drulia Defenseman: Hervey, Cote
  11. WINNIPEG JETS Owner - Chris O Line 1 LW (38) Borsato - C (13) Selanne - RW (25) Steen / Dmen (6) Housley - (4) Olausson Line 2 LW (14) Barnes - C (11) Davydov - RW (10) Zhamnov / Dmen (27) Numminen - (3) Bautin Line 3 LW (34) Shannon - C (7) Tkachuk - LW (36) Eagles / Dmen (5) Ulanov - (22) Lalor Goalies Starter (35) Essensa, Backup (30) Hrivnak Backups: Forwards: (17) King, (18) Erickson, (15) Druce, (20) Domi, (21) Romaniuk, (23) Brickley Dmen: (26) Kennedy, (8) Carlyle
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