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    Worried about being chased down and paddled by the rising seniors, including notorious a-hole Fred O’Bannion.

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  1. Team Name: Las Vegas Wranglers LD: Patrice Brisbois RD: Bruce Driver LW: Benoit Hogue C: Mario Lemieux RW: Ted Donato X: Nikolai Borshevsky 3rd D: TomPederson G: Bob Essensa
  2. LAS VEGAS WRANGLERS Forwards D. Ciccarelli (1) J. Roenick (2) T. Selanne (4) W. Gretzky (3) B. Bradley (3,5) J. Sakic (5) Defenseman G. Murphy (5) A. MacInnis (2) P. Svoboda (1, 3) L. Murphy (4) Goalies Roy (2,5) C. Joseph (4)
  3. (Chris O) In. Would be willing to drop to B if necessary
  4. (Chris O) Team Name: Hershey Bears LD: Cam Russell RD: Petr Svoboda LW: Wayne Gretzky C: Brian Bradley RW: Nikolai Borshevsky X: Joe Mullen 3rd D: Curt Giles G: Patrick Roy
  5. Team: Pittsburgh Penguins (Chris O) LW: Jeremy Roenick C: Dimitri Khristich RW: Tony Granato LD: Al MacInnis RD: Steve Chiasson G: Curtis Joseph Extra: Kevin Todd Jersey Dupes: Matt Schneider (27) -> 58 Vladimir Malakhov (23) -> 7
  6. Sick alternate reverse color unis for this rom!!
  7. (Chris O) Team Name: Pittsburgh Penguins LD: Petr Svoboda RD: Steve Duchesne LW: Kevin Dineen C: Dino Ciccarelli RW: Kevin Todd X: Joey Mullen 3rd D: Mark Tinordi G: Don Beaupre Any way to use current Penguins logo (the real one) one the ice instead of the Pittsburgh Pigeons logo? Thx!
  8. Username: Chris O I am in for A league if they will have me. Not looking to win. Just looking to get better. If A is too tight, bounce me to B league
  9. LA Kings Chris O LW - Savard C - Juneau RW - Sakic LD driver RD Wilson. F Subs Borsato then Keminsky. D subs Brisbois then Mironov ReplyForward
  10. Montreal Canadians C Stephane RicherLW Theoren FleuryRW Robert ReichelLD Keith ActonRD Andrei KovalenkoG Ed Belfourx - Yuri Khmylev1st Fwd Sub: Yuri Khmylev2nd Fwd Sub: Sergei NemchinovDman Sub: Jeff Brown
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