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La Tormenta's cover collection (work in progress)


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Evening all

I have been tidying up my Genesis Mini cover art today and figured that I would plough through some of the "classic" ROMs on the forum.  This thread includes all of the covers that I have prepared for myself and some of you might be interested in them.

Due to the way in which some of the ROMs are named here, I was not sure whether, for instance, an "NHL '71" ROM covers (a) the 1970-71 season or (b) the 1971-72 season.  I have opted for (a) and included an extra cover either side of the 1980 and 1990 decades to cover off (b) if my hunch was wrong.  The images used (save for the Slap Show, 2-on-2 and 2019-20 ROMs) are from the Stanley Cup celebrations for the relevant season.  I have tried to ensure that the correct photos are used for the relevant year (i.e. for the 1971-72 season, the photo is from the 1972 SC Final not the 1970-71 SCF that preceded the season) but let me know if you spot any howlers.

These 1970s and 1980s covers are for the ROMs that @slapshot67 prepared ages ago and that can be found here.

The 2-on-2 ROM covers are for the ROMs referenced in @kingraph's thread here.

The 2019-20 season ROM cover is for @Sauce's ROM, which can be found here.

Apologies if I have missed anyone out.

I know that the feathering is not entirely consistent across the covers.  This is a by-product (mostly) of the quality of the images and the space between the top of the section of the image that I wanted to use and the top of the image itself (to avoid straight lines showing on the image).  That said, I am happy with how everything looks as it is but might tweak them slightly in the future if I find myself bored senseless in the house!

UPDATE 14.09.29 - I found a quick way to redo the covers with a broadly consistent approach to feathering.  The updated versions are below.

I have included the original images and have not resized them, as I appreciate that people use different emulator builds etc.

Anyway, hope some of you manage to find a use for the covers.  As I get around to sorting covers for other ROMs, I will add them to this thread.

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Before anyone asks, I will be updating this in the post-season to reflect whoever wins the cup.  Matthews is featured just because he is on the 2019-20 box art for the current gen console versions of the game.

NHL 94 - Alternate Covers - 2019-20 Edition (Cover).png


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@Jkline3 - Glad you like them.  I am going to do the "noughties" covers over the next few days and will add them to the thread.  I am also going to slightly update the 2019-20 cover above later today for consistency purposes.  And yes, I am fully aware that I need to get out more!

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