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Pixelated Heroes will be on youtube this sunday!

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Click on the link below and set a reminder for yourself as the #nhl94 documentary will be available Sunday!



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I've just watched (and enjoyed) it.  The Jágr segment was actually pretty gut-wrenching!

And seeing that 1st edition copy gathering dust in Lesser's basement, geez...

It was certainly the shot of positivity that I needed before watching Belgium inevitably give England a kicking in an absolutely pointless international (football) tournament that is going on over here at the moment.


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I watched the premiere and watched it a second time, to catch what I had missed, due to my missus yapping to her sister on the phone. (And then played 94 for an hour, when I should have been taking the dog for a walk...)

That moment when Mikey*, shed a tear, at the first edition, was actually pretty touching.

Also, The Zambonis friggin' rock... I searched them up on YT and they've got quite a range, musically. Being a blues and (outlaw) country fan, I love "I'm A Puck"... That is some kicking, oldskool Rockabilly right there. Great stuff!


*I refrained from typing "Kermit." BUT, in my defense, if I had, then he has only got himself to blame. I would have never thought it, if he hadn't have said it!

Joking aside, that chat was just as informative as the documentary, it felt like getting a directors commentary, with the stars of the film!

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Fantastic job.

I noticed Mark Lesser has what looks to be the original cover for NHL '94 on his wall.

Electronic Arts used the same cover template for all their games. EA Sports was releasing all their new sports titles around the same time in '93. I assume they decided that the licensed sport games needed a different look so they went with the white covers. It looks like EA had these template covers ready to go before they decided to make the change.


Bill Walsh College Football was another game released around the same time as NHL '94. Early ads in an August '93 Electronics Boutique catalog show the old cover that was ultimately switched for the White cover. It was never released with the old template.


That same catalog shows what is probably the very first version of the NHL '94 all white cover before they dropped the "hockey" from the title.


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I watched it.  THANK YOU MIKEY !!

You did a fantastic job!  (Although, I was a little pissed at the way that Jagr treated you. He never gave you a chance to even explain yourself.) 

I especially liked the part with Mark Lesser.  Did you ever get to ask him if he still had the Sega Genesis game development software?

I also binge watched all of Ice Pilots, a while ago. Really enjoyed it.



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