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By way of a further update, I have updated @UltraMagnus's V.1 ROM from Monday (the one @MonkeyHead then edited as above) to capture the kit changes (but not the ice - ew!) and also to include 32 (I think) unique 8 team play-off brackets, following some advice from @CoachMac and @Sauce earlier this week.

@UltraMagnus - If you don't mind, I will DM you the ROM on Saturday with the graphic required to "mask" the non-used teams (all of the banners for the non-EIHL teams will need replacing, but I don't think it's a huge job from the sound of things, just boring and mechanical!).  I just need to check one of @CoachMac's Original 6 ROMS to see how it looks / works with just having the "east" teams live.  I'll do this on Saturday morning once I have caught up with how the Leafs and Marlies have gotten on.

Then... Save for any minor tweaks, that should be the base ROM done.  Until @MonkeyHead wants to change the ice yellow...!

(Yeah, you're going to regret helping people out people from this awful little island.  We're never satisfied!!! :D)

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Haha. Put it this way. There is alot more people on that pesky island that I'm willing to help more than on this huge rock. Kidding aside, I found some thing I can modify to improve the visual astheics. Mainly, this is an hour tops of a job if I'm not getting dragged into a nother work meeting. 

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