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Sega Genesis Mini - NHL 94 Rom (Hakchi 2CE) Issue

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Hi all -- apologies if this has already been answered (I searched and couldn't find it), but I downloaded the genesis rom from this site and then installed it onto my genesis mini via Hakchi 2CE and I'm having an issue. The game loads up just fine, but controls don't work...not one button. Any idea what I can do here? Thanks so much for the help! 

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This is a common issue and you are not being daft, don't worry.

You didn't mention if you are using Retroarch or something else with the system, so I will assume RA but the same point applies generally.  You just need to remap the buttons for the core in question and either apply the settings specifically to NHL '94 or for all Genesis games that you have loaded up.  I have about 12 systems installed on my GM and pretty much had to remap each core separately, which was a pain in the ass at the time but worth it now.

Here is a video from YouTube that explains how to remap buttons for use with a 6 button controller.  It will still be helpful even if you are using a 3 button controller, as the main thing is figuring how to get into the Retroarch menu from the game and then a bit of trial and error after that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh6PXS7gJwc&ab_channel=PattonPlays.

The thing to note is that RA's button set-up is a bit weird.  So, you might have to experiment a bit to work out what button in the RA menu corresponds with each Genesis button.  I think, at least on mine, "Y" is "C" on mine when it probably shouldn't be.  At least with NHL '94 it is easy to test (shoot, dump the puck etc.).

Hope this helps.

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Definitely recommend using RetroArch over the Mini's default emulator. The default emulator creates a weird issue where every shot is a backhand regardless of ice position and handedness.

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