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NHL95 BUG FIX - Make the Playoffs with 128+ points


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I have fixed the playoffs bug in NHL95. You can get a fixed version of the game here.

If you don't know what this is about: There was a game-breaking bug in NHL95 that made it so you missed the playoffs if you got 128 or more points in the regular season. (See some discussion about that in this other thread)

I made a short video covering the fix


The short story of the bug is that the programmer accidentally used some CPU instructions that only work for numbers up to 127. I switched them to use the instructions that work for numbers up to 255. 

If you have a season you've already started (but haven't started the playoffs yet), the fix will work for it (you don't need to start a new season)

There are 3 different ways to get the fix here. You just need 1. I recommend getting the fixed ROM.

Option 1 - Download Fixed ROM

Here is the fixed ROM (complete game file). You can play this file in any emulator software, or on original hardware with an EverDrive cartridge:


Option 2 - IPS Patch

Here is an IPS patch for if you want to update the ROM yourself:


Option 3 - Game Genie Codes

And if you want to use the fix on an original cartridge on an original Sega Genesis, here are the Game Genie codes to use:

MUST DO before beginning playoffs:

  • ATDA-AA6T - Disable Checksum (if you don't do this one, other codes will cause game to refuse to load)
  • ADLT-WE7L - Playoffs Fix 1/2
  • ADLT-WL7R - Playoffs Fix 2/2


  • AANA-WE4E - Standings Fix 1/2
  • AANA-WL4J - Standings Fix 2/2

I verified these in an emulator, so I am just assuming they work on real hardware. You only really need to enter the first 3 codes once you finish the regular season, but before selecting the "Move on to playoffs" option. The last 2 codes just fix the standings display, so you would use those ones during the regular season to see yourself at the top of the standings -- but they aren't needed for the playoff seeding.

If I made a mistake in the game genie codes and it doesn't work, I'm sorry. I will test it out when I can. Game Genie is in the mail.

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[reserving a post for details of how the fix works]

See the video for an explanation.

Here are the changes to make in a hex editor (make the same changes in two different places)

ROM Offset:  0009 1844
       and:  0009 D5AA
Old values:  6E 
New values:  62
Explanation: Change BGT (Branch Signed Greater-Than ) to BHI (Branch Unsigned Higher)
ROM Offset:  0009 1848
       and:  0009 D5AE
Old values:  6D
New values:  65
Explanation: Change BLT (Branch Signed Less-Than) to BCS (Branch Unsigned Carry Set (AKA BLO, Lower))


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Ive tested the Game Genie code patches, they work flawlessly! My first place standing has been restored and I am able to qualify for the playoffs!

I have submitted the codes here: https://github.com/libretro/libretro-database/pull/1353

If you are using RetroArch, do this:

  1. In the cheats section, load the NHL 95 .cht file
  2. Enable cheat "Master Code" and "Season 1st place bug"
  3. Apply changes
  4. Toggle: Auto-Apply Cheats During Game Load
  5. Goto the core Overrides section and Save Core Overrides

I also tested the patched rom, works as well! Thank you!!



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12 hours ago, BlueJacketRebel said:

Smoz, I'm curious does this playoff bug happen on SNES 95. I just started a season ad I'm wondering if I need to throw games in order to play the playoffs.

Thanks bud

I don't know. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that it doesn't.

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