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Looks like Carbonneau is sticking to his young gun with Price in game 5 tonight.

There has been some speculation in Philly that he might of injured his hand in game two when Umberger batted the puck out of his mitt and into the cage, in game three it looked like he had difficulty closing his glove on the puck.

Who knows, but why Guy went with Halak, who had 0 playoff experience as well going into game four is anybody's guess.

Despite having a plethora of scoring chances, and out shooting the Flyers - Biron has been practically impenetrable - he hasn't had to make any spectacular saves because he's been so square to the puck and anticipated the play so well.

Suffice to say he's been the difference in the series, and I think he's creeping into the Habs minds - as a result, it looks they've been trying too many perfect plays, playing the puck around the parameter - instead of keeping in simple. They're going to have to get more traffic in front of Biron if they want to best him.

It sort of reminds me of the Devils in the late 90's, there would always be a huge disparity in the shots department for them but they would still win.

Shots on goal are analogous to total yards from scrimmage in football, as being the most worthless stat me thinks.

Anddd, with the Habs having the number 1 powerplay in the regular season I was expecting them to capitalize more often with the man advantage.

But it's been the Flyers, with the #2 powerplay in the regular season who have been more lethal on the pp.

Perhaps the Habs will erupt offensively in game 5, it's going to happen eventually with all those chances.

Random stat: The Habs haven't had the lead for 1 second in the series thus far, and the Flyers have had a 2 goal lead in every game. Last thing I would of thunk going into the series.

Should be a dandy tonight.

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Well Price played awesome, if you subtract the last 5, 7 or so minutes of the second period. Biron was a little off as well, but still pulling a rabbit out of his ass here and there and had some angels is his crease with him. Most exciting third period I have seen all post season long though, great deflection for the game winner. Poop on Briere for fumbling a puck on an empty net on a power play and for missing a golden break away opportunity towards the end, but credit to Price, great save.


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Im s**ting bricks.

Might want to see a doctor about that, or mason.

Yeah Kupuck, 3rd period was awesome. Frenetic balls to the wall action. And how about R.J. Leech, I mean Reggie Umberger? He's white hot right now.

Battle of Pennsylvania is next! I think this is the first time Pens and Flyers have locked horns sine Primeau scored that 5th overtime game winner in 2000 - Flyers came back down from 0-2 to win the next 4 straight.

Judging by how the season series went (Flyers won the series 5-3) there will be no love lost between the two teams

Got my Super APhiletic Sports Man action gear set, you can bet I'll be wearing my: 76'ers knit cap, Bobby Clarke Jersey, and Eagles jacket.

Should be fun for the whole family.

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