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  1. Jkline3

    NHL 87

    I use HEX Workshop. Load the ROM then scroll through in the editor until you find the text you're looking to edit. Every action has a potentially ROM-wrecking reaction so I'm very careful to only overwrite existing text with the exact number of characters of new text. I've only use d it for '94 edits but I suspect that it's very similar.
  2. Jkline3


    The 1973-74 season saw another marquee name join the new league as Gordie Howe was coaxed out of retirement to play alongside his sons Mark and Marty in Houston. The bet paid off for the Aeros as the Howes brought home the AVCO World Trophy. ROM linked above. BONUS - The New York Golden Blades moved to New Jersey mid-season and became the Knights. I've included the Golden Blades as a separate team at the end of the ROM. Only players that suited up in the purple and gold are included. Question - during play testing I noticed the Chicago @ Vancouver matchup features a whole lot of yellow jerseys. Out of curiosity, anyone out there know what they did when they faced off in real life? Knowing the WHA, they probably had both teams wear yellow pants...
  3. Jkline3


    If you're not familiar with the WHA, Wikipedia does a far better job of explaining than I ever could. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Hockey_Association Long story short, if you're in need of your Whalers or Nords fix this is where it all began. Rosters have all major players included but lines are built similar to Deadline ROMs with playoff rosters and/or late-season trades in mind. However, if you feel the need to see Alton White in a NY Raiders sweater or Michel Rouleau as a Blazer they're all there and just a line edit away... Player photos are updated with some really, REALLY big hair. A lot of the graphics and player rating for later seasons are already done so hope to keep these coming relatively regularly. Comments, suggestions and (constructive) criticism always welcomed. 1973 WHA.bin 1974 WHA.bin
  4. Jkline3

    NHL 87

    Are you referring to the opening screen? Use NOSE - can be easily changed in the "Menu" tab.
  5. Jkline3

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    You are ruining my life!
  6. Thanks so much for posting this! Great to use as benchmarks for making more/less offensive seasons.
  7. Jkline3

    The 1910s

    In 1912 you get 2!
  8. Jkline3

    The 1910s

    Changes were aplenty prior to the 1910-11 season. In a cost-cutting move the rover position was eliminated, creating what was known as “six-man hockey”, and a $5000 salary cap was implemented. Games were changed from two 30-minute halves to three periods of 20 minutes apiece. A standardized puck was now used and other equipment continued to develop but was often still borrowed from baseball or cricket. The membership shuffle continued with the Quebec Hockey Club being granted an NHA franchise while the Montreal Shamrocks disbanded and the Cobalt Silver Kings and Haileybury Comets returned to the Temiskaming Professional Hockey League. The Ottawa Senators dominated the NHA and easily took the Stanley Cup from the Montreal Wanderers. The Sens had 3 of the league’s 4 leading scorers, led by Marty Walsh’s 35 goals in 16 games. A Montreal rookie, Georges Vezina, was the top netminder (surprised?) and led the Canadiens to a respectable .500 record following their last-place finish the season before. Following the season the Senators won 2 challenges from outside the league for possession of the Cup – one against the OPHL champion Galt Pros and one against the previously undefeated Port Arthur Bearcats of the New Ontario Hockey League. Also joining the NHA and OPHL in the major-professional ranks during the 1911 campaign was the Maritimes-based Inter-Provincial Professional Hockey League. Teams included in ROM: NHA – Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, Quebec Bulldogs, Renfrew Creamery Kings OPHL – Berlin Dutchmen, Brantford Indians, Galt Pros, Waterloo Colts IPPHL – Halifax Crescents, Moncton Victorias, New Glasgow Cubs (7/4 - updated New Glasgow uniforms - "New Glasgow wore their distinctive gold jerseys with blue trim") Also included are 2 minor-pro teams - the NOHL’s Port Arthur Bearcats and the Prince Albert Mintos of the Saskatchewan Professional Hockey League. The Mintos were losers of a challenge series against Port Arthur for the right to play for the Stanley Cup. 1911 NHA.bin
  9. Jkline3

    The 1910s

    This rom is *only* the 1910 season. Malone had 15 goals in 15 games between Quebec of the CHA and Waterloo of the OPHL. I'm playtesting and will be posting 1911 shortly but you're not going to like that either - 9 goals in 13 games...
  10. Jkline3

    The 1910s

    @DSgamby Don't worry, (much) better days are coming for Joe. He got dinged in my rating system because he was non-NHA and with the lack of stats a lot of my ratings are heavily dependent on overall team/league strengths.
  11. Jkline3

    The 1910s

    I'm putting the final touches on 1911 and should be able to upload by the weekend. I plan to keep making seasons in chronological order (as I have time) as it is so much easier when you can carry over much of the work and research from the previous season. @CutterTML cool, I only learned about the Berlin/Kitchener name change from doing this project. Any ideas where the Dutchmen played? That was one of the rink names I had to make up because I couldn't locate any information.
  12. Jkline3

    The 1910s

    @CoachMac, thanks for the compliments - means a lot coming from someone who has spent so much time in NOSE and TM. I spent a lot of time picking through your ROMs to try and learn the tricks of the trade. Comments, ideas, suggestions for improvements are always absolutely appreciated. @TFC fan 15, I plan to create those seasons eventually. I've done a lot of the research and logo work, now that the building blocks are largely done I plan on adding seasons as I have the time. It's a lot less daunting to not have to start a project completely from scratch.
  13. Jkline3

    The 1910s

    The 1910 NHA season kicked off in January following the collapse of the CHA and the absorption of the Ottawa and Montreal Shamrocks franchises. Ottawa was the reigning Stanley Cup holder and had just defended the Cup against a challenge from the Galt Pros of the Ontario Professional Hockey League. Just days after their first NHA game Ottawa again defended the Cup against the Edmonton Pros, an independent team formerly of the Alberta Amateur Hockey Association. The Montreal Wanderers would take the first league championship with an 11-1 record and with it possession of the Stanley Cup. Following the season the Wanderers would accept their first challenge, defeating the OPHL’s Berlin Dutchmen. Newsy Lalonde, who would split his time between the Les Canadiens and the Renfrew Creamery Kings, led the circuit in scoring with 38 goals in just 11 games. Riley Hern of the Wanderers was the league’s top goaltender with 11 wins and a 3.40 GAA. Teams included in ROM: NHA – Cobalt Silver Kings, Haileybury Comets, Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Shamrocks, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, Renfrew Creamery Kings OPHL – Berlin Dutchmen, Brantford Indians, Galt Pros, Waterloo Colts CHA – Montreal All-Montreal, Montreal Nationals, Quebec Bulldogs Independent – Edmonton Pros 1910 NHA.bin
  14. Jkline3

    The 1910s

    Organized hockey in the early 20th century was a far cry from what we know (and love) today. The game was played in halves, there were 6 skaters per side and minor penalties were 3 minutes long. Players played positions such as Rover, Center Point and Point and overtime may or may not have ended with sudden death. Leagues came and went frequently and the players followed suit. Vezina, Ross and Patrick weren't just trophies - they were the stars of the day. Hockey pants were generally white and the "sweater" was a carryover from the not-so-distant past where it was a necessity as games were played outdoors. Other equipment was fairly sparse. The Stanley Cup was a challenge trophy contested by professional, semi-pro, independent and amateur squads alike. In December of 1909, as a result of a dispute over gate fees which caused the Eastern Canada Hockey Association to dissolve and for its members to go their separate ways, two new leagues - the "National Hockey Association" and the "Canadian Hockey Association" were formed. The CHA would fold only two weeks into its inaugural season and its survivors would join the NHA. While the NHA would eventually go on to become the NHL it's humble beginnings included franchises in Cobalt, Haileybury and Renfrew, Ontario, games played in curling rinks and a team called "Les Canadiens" conceived to attract the interest of the Francophone population of Montreal. I've had to use a fair amount of creative license on these teams as stats and other information is incomplete at best and practically non-existent at worst. Hope you enjoy.
  15. Jkline3

    World Junior Championship prequels

    1976 saw the concept of the WJC at a crossroads - lacking sponsorship and official IIHF recognition the tournament appeared to be nearing its end. In fact, the United States did not send a team to Finland and Canada sent the Sherbrooke Castors, runners up in the QMJHL in 1976, rather than a true national squad. The Soviet Union again took the gold, running their overall WJC record to 14-0 in the process. Canada, in spite of a 17-1 loss to Sweden (!!!) won silver while Czechoslovakia placed third. Future NHLers were few and far between, highlighted by Peter Stastny and Viacheslav Fetisov, a trio of Swedes in Kent Nilsson, Bengt-Ake Gustafsson and Thomas Gradin and an underwhelming pair of Canadians, Jere Gillis and Peter Marsh. 1976 WJC - Finland.bin