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  1. SlapShotFiend

    Favourite Sports Games!

    The least favorite ones were funny. Though the one with Scott Norwood kinda stings... Okay, top 10 sports games... 1. NHL 94 (Either version) 2. Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) 3. NBA Jam (Either version) 4. Blades of Steel (NES) 5. NHL 2002 (PS2, 'cause I actually bought it) 6. Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES) 7. Mario Lemieux Hockey (Sega Genesis) 8. Evander Holyfield Real Deal Boxing (Sega Genesis) 9. Double Dribble (NES) 10. FIFA International Soccer (Super NES)
  2. SlapShotFiend

    Easy way to play NHL94 PC

    Currently trying out the single player league. It's safe to say that it works nicely here. I'm using the Nordiques, 'cause why not.
  3. SlapShotFiend

    NHL 95 PC controls

    Necroposting this thread because of TRR's find last night. Same controls apply for NHL 94 too.
  4. SlapShotFiend

    Easy way to play NHL94 PC

    I saw something like that for Dune: The Building of a Dynasty too. Cool find!
  5. SlapShotFiend

    Look who's coming back to the neighborhood

    I got my trap all ready. Is the weekend good enough for a few test games?
  6. SlapShotFiend

    NHL 94 Slack team

    Finally! To be honest, when I used to play here and use AIM, there were... other problems I had when I used it. Mostly, it had to do with malware and other unpleasant stuff that bogged down my computer. I'm glad there is an actually good program that'll be reliable and it won't have any bugs that'll spring viruses or malware whenever I contact someone. Count me in.
  7. SlapShotFiend

    Look who's coming back to the neighborhood

    Welp, I should have expected that one. XD
  8. SlapShotFiend

    Look who's coming back to the neighborhood

    I dunno. Why not test it out? But in all seriousness, I got new internet, there was change in equipment and I have missed online game with people for quite a while. Might as well give it a try, no?
  9. SlapShotFiend

    Las Vegas Black Knights

    Poor Quebec, though. It's gonna be a while till they get some hockey love again.
  10. SlapShotFiend

    John Tavares, The '94 bud!

    How long has it been when the Isles had a true No 1 center? With Pierre Turgeon, maybe? (And no, Alexei Yashiin does not count ) And then there's gonna be the dearth that the Rangers have with the 1st round picks. They basically mortaged their futures with the deals that brought players like Nash into the mix, so they'll have to hope they'll find a diamond in the rough past the 1st, 2nd and even 3rd rounds. The Isles have now gotten past the hurdle that was winning a playoff series. Now it's time to build up on that against the Lightning before another 94 bud returns: Steven Stamkos.
  11. I'm not quite a rookie, but it feels like a long time ago since I was here. I'm amazed it has stayed as long as it did and people have given recognition to this site! Some of you may remember me fondly, others not so much. I caused some waves around here and though I had a bit of a temper, some things can change and I gave it my best shot whever I got into a game and a league. Yeah. that's right. It's me, Iceguy94! I missed the ruckus that is and I wondered how you guys been doing lately since I disappeared. Looks like a lot of changes and a couple of new leagues have emerged along with a new generation of hockey jockeys around! I wonder if some of the old veterans are still around or moved on with their lives too. Lots of stuff has been happening for me over the last few years, but I won't bore you with the details. What matters is that I've decided to drop in and see you guys again and what are you up to. And mostly, I tried to get my old account of RedWingDevil up and running to come back but for some reason, the forums don't seem to recognize the account or my e-mail even though it's still up. I don't know if I'm up to snuff when it comes to league play yet, but a few exhibition matches here and there never hurt anybody. For now, I'm back, guys!