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If you're not familiar with the WHA, Wikipedia does a far better job of explaining than I ever could.

Long story short, if you're in need of your Whalers or Nords fix this is where it all began.  Rosters have all major players included but lines are built similar to Deadline ROMs with playoff rosters and/or late-season trades in mind.  However, if you feel the need to see Alton White in a NY Raiders sweater or Michel Rouleau as a Blazer they're all there and just a line edit away...  Player photos are updated with some really, REALLY big hair.

A lot of the graphics and player rating for later seasons are already done so hope to keep these coming relatively regularly.

Comments, suggestions and (constructive) criticism always welcomed. 


1973 WHA.bin

1974 WHA.bin

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The 1973-74 season saw another marquee name join the new league as Gordie Howe was coaxed out of retirement to play alongside his sons Mark and Marty in Houston.  The bet paid off for the Aeros as the Howes brought home the AVCO World Trophy.  ROM linked above.

BONUS - The New York Golden Blades moved to New Jersey mid-season and became the Knights.  I've included the Golden Blades as a separate team at the end of the ROM.  Only players that suited up in the purple and gold are included.

Question - during play testing I noticed the Chicago @ Vancouver matchup features a whole lot of yellow jerseys.  Out of curiosity, anyone out there know what they did when they faced off in real life?  Knowing the WHA, they probably had both teams wear yellow pants...

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Oh my god! You did it!!!!! Awesome job! THANK YOU buddy!

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