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  1. This is great post in that I didn't even know that you do that level of work for the website. I knew that you did certain aspects but this gives more insight to those who read it. You certainly do your fair share to make this site work for the community. So, thanks! But, unfortunately, I didn't vote for you. LOL
  2. It's definitely a bias thing. I recommend/voted JKline because I create/post roms and know how significant it is to do. It is a tremendous amount of work that most will never know about. Hence, why so many folks keep asking for custom roms that they "could" do themselves but are too "whatever" to do so. If it was easy and quick, everyone would do it. But, I also know that he and I (and others) can do it because of the help/guidance we got from smozoma, king raph, coach mac, slapshot67, etc. I also know that Chaos is a good guy and always helps folks out and does a lot of work with retroarch instructions on this site. Extremely valueable! So, it is definitely a bias thing and that's why all four deserve a pat on the back. Now, go take $50 each out of petty cash!
  3. Just give the title to all 4. Each deserves it. I feel a compelling argument can be made for each participant and to be honest, half of the people here wouldn't get those arguments if you don't know the person and/or, don't understand (or care about) the why. For example, what JKline does is extremely time-consuming and generous. Does that mean he deserves it over the others, maybe... maybe not. This site community owes a debt of gratitude to Chaos for a multitude of reasons as we don't always see what he does behind the scenes. Anyone who has ever edited and produced a rom owes a debt of gratitude to smozoma for problem-solving and sharing his wealth of technical knowledge. Dan helps a lot of folks with on-boarding for league play (a popular request) and FB questions. Each, does their part for free. Each doesn't complain and gives of themselves. How does one determine which is most valued? Eye of the beholder. (in an Oprah voice) "You get Bud of the Year...and you get Bud of the Year...and you get Bud of the Year..."
  4. Great...now I'm gonna have that stupid REM song stuck in my head! Thanks for that! LOL In all seriousness, nice job dude!
  5. Add the 32nd team to the Playoff tree, in NOSE, and it won't freeze. Or, in EARE, make it so there are only 31 teams in the playoff possibilities.
  6. It is available for download on page 1 of this thread (The Playoff (PO) version). They are also included in my NHL94 2021 rom (separate post).
  7. I just re-posted this rom without the WSH/WPG Freeze bug. As noted in another thread, there is a way to "fix" it by disabling the player card records in game mode. It doesn't disable the portraits in the Team Selection page nor the Game Matchup page with Ron Barr. With 2v2 and 3v3, the player card records are broken anyway and cause the game to freeze. So, I simply disabled them which fixes the freeze bug on the Team Selection page. I may do this for my 5v5 season roms as well. TBD.
  8. Nice find! There is another way to "fix it" without the result of double names in the player portrait cards... disable the reading of the player card records. @smozoma discovered this fix back in 2016 (11/7/2016 post). It makes it so the player cards can't be read/reviewed in game mode. You can still see them in the Team Selection mode and in the Team Matchup page.
  9. Hi Everyone! I took my NHL94 2021 rom (the Slapshot67 template) and converted it to 3v3 play (file posted below the notes). Some notable changes/fixes/updates: *The game no longer freezes during the Ron Barr/Tonight's Match message screen. Special thanks to Seamor and Smozoma for their findings and post on how to limit player cards on this screen. That was the cause of the freeze in past versions. *Like the above, I limit the player cards in the Team Selection pages. You now see one Dman, a winger, a center and a goalie. *Powerplays are 4 on 3. Penalties are 1 min in length. *You can now edit/update PP units in the game. In the past, because I would only show one Dman, if I had a second on the PP point, you couldn't see them in the Line Editor. You would have to download NOSE to see them and edit accordingly. To remedy it, I simply show 1 D and 3 wingers. This way, you can edit one of the 4 within the game. *Periods are 3, 5, 7 and 10 minutes. *Each team has 6 forwards, 3 Dmen and 2 goalies to chose from when editing lines. *32 NHL Teams. The Seattle Kraken are included in this rom. I retired the Mystery, Alaska team (from prior 3v3 roms). *The Seattle Kraken contains players from the Seattle Metropolitans circa 1917-1919. Known bugs: *WSH/WPG Freeze Bug if you cycle player cards, on the Team Selection page, for both Washington and Winnipeg. If you use Kega Fusion, as an emulator, it will not freeze. *If your team has two players penalized, the powerplay becomes 4 on 2. However, since penalties are only 1 min in length, it shouldn't be a big deal. It adds to the excitement. LOL *Due to how the game must be edited in Hex Code, the checking line, when you play with "line changes on", becomes the top line ("Scoring Line 1). So, I renamed the checking line to say Sc.1 when editing in-game. The original Scoring 1 becomes Sc.2 and Scoring Line 2 becomes Sc.3 (with line changes on). I use the same PP and PK lines, for each instance, so I renamed them to PP and PK instead of PP1/PP2 and PK1/PK2. *The in-game line editor and team roster view, when line changes are on, sorts as Sc2., Sc3. and Sc1. for the 3 lines. Just keep that in mind when you do in-game changes. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers! NHL94 2021 3v3.bin
  10. Could this be a "doth protest too much" thing, with your expressed animosity toward NHL95? And, with some of your recent "likes", on this thread, could Darth @segathon and @UltraMagnusbe wearing down your hatred of 95? Then again, as Star Wars teaches us, if you do go to the Dark Side, ala Anakin, you are bound to return to the Light. Of course, I kid with you. If 94 is truly your destiny, we are glad to have you on the team!
  11. I have the player names and numbers in my 3v3 roms. Feel free to use them as a base. I positioned them based on how I remembered them in the movie. Just ignore Scott Gomez and Matt Carle. I added them to that team as I need some extra players and they are both from Alaska.
  12. Amen! However, some can be converted to the cause. My wife, who met him and several others when we came to NYC event, saw (first hand) the passion and enthusiasm (and comraderie) for the forum/game. While she still isn't thrilled about me playing the game or editing my roms late at night, I think she "gets it" now. I used to belong to a now defunct NHL2K site. It was a blast getting to know other folks who shared a similar passion in addition to creating custom roster files. This site, has been an even better experience. Mainly, because I am far more pasionate about NHL94. So, that said, thanks @Evanfor this site!
  13. 100% agree. EA's FY net revenue earnings, for 2020, was $5.5B.
  14. What really kills me is, how could they have not put the trapezoid or new goalie crease in the latest version??? The players are from 2020 but the rink is from 1994. LAZINESS!!!
  15. It's kinda sad that they couldn't draw inspiration from mine or @skip/slapshot67's or @naples39's current season roms. Especially, as that is what NHL Rewind is ...current rosters in the NHL94 skin! Ours contain the wonderful fixes, patches or enhancements created by @smozoma, @clockwise and @slapshot67. Fixes that improved what was already a classic. Take those enhancements/changes, throw in the new/cool custom skin tones feature, the new controller select screen, the achievement awards and make it available for online play. BOOM! Instantly better than their current NHL product line. They know of this forum/community. So, I highly doubt they don't know of the work/roms that are being created here. Especially, as VGK used Naples39's rom, as a GIF, on its twitter account (when they would win). NHL Rewind is a lazy cash-grab incentive for buying NHL21. Color me shocked! End rant.
  16. Howdy! For those who read my previous post (pre-edit/update), due to logistical concerns, I have decided to scrap the NHL Reverse Retro version of my NHL94 2021 "Way Too Early" rom. The more that I worked on it, the more that I realized it wasn't going to end up as I had previously hoped. It's a "cash grab" gimmick by the NHL that doesn't translate to our rom constraints so, I don't want to release something that is forced. Sorry for the false alert. Lesson learned... never promote dinner until it is out of the oven. Once the 2021 season begins, I'll post my "season version" rom with updated rosters.
  17. UPDATE: The Reverse Retro Jersey project has been scrapped.
  18. Yes. As the rom that you mention is either my rom or Seamor's 2v2 version, I can confirm that it works.
  19. You're welcome! Thanks for the kind words! I, too, probably play it, as well as edit it, way too much which is why I felt the need to thank my awesome (understanding) wife at the end of the game credits. LOL
  20. Oh...updated version of the ROM is in the original post. Forgot to mention that fact.
  21. Hi Everyone! So, recently, I made some notable changes to my "NHL 2021 "Way too Early" ROM. In particular, I wanted to see how close (for my own taste) I could get the player ratings distribution to mirror the original version. It's not exact but I got pretty darn close. Now I have a 10 page cheatsheet (file) to help me with this endeavor with blueprints on how to add and take away players and keep the distribution %s the same. To do this, I took count of the original game's Forwards and Dmen (minus any dups who played on both ANA or FLA as well as another team) and did a side-by-side comparison. I, also, didn't include Seattle's players in my comparison. I wanted to see how the various attributes were laid out (0-6) in the original vs mine. I also did the same for goalies. In some cases, I didn't want to rate folks a 0 or 1 (speed, shot power or endurance). So, in those 3 cases, I didn't go lower then 2. Speed was the biggest challenge of all the attributes as Dmen, in the original, were too slow, compared to today. But, I still got it somewhat close(r) and with forwards as well. The other attributes were easier to match up. Some other notable changes/updates: *The legend is back! Ron Barr (in color) has returned. *Several last names were shortened (like the original game). There is a 10 letter max to fit the names on the "goal scored window" when a goal is scored. If you go beyond it, it extends the name off of the window which looks awkward. *Fixed the "Other Scores" page so it now shows all 32 teams (credit: @slapshot67for the find). *Added a couple and took away a couple players to reflect recent signings. *Updated a couple of jersey numbers (not all have been confirmed as of 11/10/20). *Made some graphical updates. Cheers!
  22. Sauce

    NHL Jam '21

    Cool. Congrats on your rom release!
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