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  1. Disagree... the NHL already stated it doesn't want to start the next season (of which this ROM is based) if it can't have fan attendance in any capacity. The image is more apropos for my playoff rom vs this version. However, I do like the work that @LaTormenta did with his image. Nice job!
  2. Final update (assuming no serious issues are reported)... I didn't like the original Title Screen art so I just changed it. The original version had too much of the white helmet and jersey color bleeding into the background. So, I went with a different image and created a background that allows the white to pop. I'm sure my fellow ROM editors know the frustration of trying to get something that you like for the finished product. LOL Anywho... if you downloaded the original post, only the Title Screen art changed so no need to re-download unless you want the new image. Cheers!
  3. Hi again! I noticed a potential issue on the Blackhawks roster. I fixed it. The ROM has been re-posted. Sorry about that... no more posting in the wee hours of the morning. LOL Assuming there are no reported issues with the ROM, my next post might be a "pre-season" version, with more roster updates, if and when that actually begins/happens. If I don't do that, I will definitely do an Opening Night version. Cheers!
  4. Hi everyone! So, just like in past years, I am posting my NHL94 2021 edition ROMs (various updates throughout the season). About the ROM: *32 teams. Seattle Kraken are included. The team contains players from the Seattle Metropolitans circa 1917-1919. *The ROM is based off of the Slapshot67 32-team template. *60 Min. OT. *The ROM has the "weight bug fix". *No "stamina hack". I decided against it this time around. I only tried it on my recent 2020 playoff ROM (as I posted two versions) but have decided not to use it moving forward. *The ROM has Clockwise's sprite patch
  5. Based on the video that I saw, there’s no helmet sprite fix. If that vid is the actual release, that’s kinda lazy to not address it. Then again, there’s only one Lord of the Clockwise and he does not share pow... never mind. least some mods, here, can celebrate that awesome patch! Makes me wonder if the weight bug has been fixed. Willing to bet, it has given that was the lone black eye on the original. As it is not a secret, my guess is that EA would right that wrong.
  6. Player fatigue only impacts skaters when you play with line changes on.
  7. Sauce

    OHL 2020

    Seems like a deep draft this year with a lot of (potential) future star players. So, there’s definitely a handful of prospects to choose from... Keep up the good work!
  8. Sauce

    OHL 2020

    Nice job buddy! I like your art work with Lafreniere and now Byfield. Is Adam Beckman next or are you thinking of sticking with the theme of undrafted players? If the latter, I recommend Seth Jarvis or Kaiden Guhle. Keep up the good work!
  9. Yup. The classic gens version has been released with the weight bug fix. It’s listed as one of the available roms in the Master List of Gens 94 roms thread (in the Gens roms forum of this site). So, where you are now. Lol I also recently did a version of the classic 94 rom that is post trade deadline 1994 roster. It has the weight bug fix as well. It had been done before but I did it differently and it has some nice new features to it. It’s available in the Gens forum if you want a 1994 playoff vs classic (start of the season roster). Either or... either way... classic versions wi
  10. Hello! I have had some folks contact me about getting the playoffs edition of this rom with no stamina decrease hack. I have posted a copy of it, along with the previous PO version, in the original post (page 1). Cheers!
  11. Lost another 94 alumni. Helluva player. Gone too soon!
  12. Hello again! In the original post, below the ROM file, I have attached a spreadsheet (zip file) with the attributes of each forward. This could be helpful with understanding the strengths (and perhaps, weaknesses) of each line. One of my goals was to try and make it so that each line has players who excel in certain areas (speed, shot, stickhandling, etc.). Cheers!
  13. Some additional screenshots...Ron Barr is back in color!
  14. The Production Line. The Triple Crown Line. The Trio Grande. The Punch Line. And, many more. Introducing NHL94 All-Time Greatest Lines! NHL94 Alltime Greatest Lines.bin All Time Greatest This ROM contains 25 historically famous, or reputable, NHL lines competing against each other for top billing. These are lines that teams used to score (so top line or 2nd line) and in some cases, were offensive juggernauts. It’s made up of the 3 forwards that made those lines notable. However, it’s only those three forwards, within the rosters of the ROM, and
  15. If you want a version of the rom, without the hack, PM me and I’ll send it to you.
  16. Yup...mentioned it on the last page of this thread...I applied the stamina decrease hack to the rom but, I did that 2 or 3 versions ago. So, nothing new. I play with line changes and havent seen my guys get gassed. They get tired faster, which is the point. I wanted to allow for more frequent line changes in a game. I was playing tonight (added Lafreniere to the Rangers - hehe) and didn't notice anything unusual vs what I have come to expect of it. I'll check again, later, and if I see the same as you, I'll dial back the setting and re-post. Unfortunately, no, it doesnt allow
  17. Hi Everyone! I just noticed an unfortunate issue with the Playoff rom that I recently uploaded. After I added Seattle, for reasons unknown, it messed up many of the team's lines and d-pairings. I'm actually surprised no one noticed as it had many downloads and no one said anything about it. I guess most folks don't play with line changes on. Then again, I just finally noticed it. Anywho, I went ahead of fixed it. More than half of the teams were affected so I have made sure to review each one and put them back to what they were in the previous version (pre-Seattle). I also used thi
  18. Now, you are free from the shackles of your creativity. Go in peace and return a new man... and, return with this finished rom for Christ’s Sake! Lol
  19. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the concern here... It appears to me that the hold up is due to being uncomfortable with the idea that a player such as Wayne Gretzky, for example, could go against a player such as Wayne Gretzky on another team/era. If so, shouldn’t you also be concerned that potentially some of your players are alive and will be facing off against some players who are dead? Or, is that more plausible? Sorry, couldn’t resist...