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  1. Sign me up. I will take my beloved New York Islanders.
  2. I suggest keeping these dibs as tentative pending the editing of the rom to equal out teams. If that can't be done, tier the teams based on the home/away advantages and align that with the draft order. If the preferred team is in that tier then its good to go. It looks like half the teams might be considered neutral Tier if you consider strong/weak a wash, and many folks might get their preferred team anyway. I don't know if picking ~20+ and having a disadvantaged team would be too substantial, though.
  3. I feel this would be ideal if could be done, otherwise maybe we could reserve the teams with Strong/Average advantages for the weaker players to help parity.
  4. I'd be in and take NYR if we're calling dibs. If it were up to a vote, I'd vote for no penalties since they are random and dumb and often negate the benefits of injuring other players. Injuring opponents should always be encouraged and rewarded.