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  1. You can have fun playing with the worst players in the game. A hat trick with Drake Berehowsky, a 4-goal game with Tie Domi, or even scoring a game-winning goal with Stu Grimson can make your friends weep in defeat. Some of you might enjoy playing with these lineups, and some of you might be bored to tears. Nevertheless, I suggest you give them a try and have fun with them. If you are playing against the CPU, then leave the CPU's lineup as it is (but use the line I provided for YOUR team); if you are playing against a friend, then you and your friends use the lines provided below. Make sure penalties are OFF. Play five or ten-minute periods as you choose. Should any of your players suffer an injury, please put in the worst/unskilled player available from your bench (don't need Jeremy Roenick replacing Stu Grimson at center on Chicago). -------------------------------------------------- Anaheim Mighty Ducks G: Ron Tugnutt LD: Bobby Dollas RD: Dennis Vial LW: Troy Loney C: Stu Grimson RW: Bob Corkum -------------------------------------------------- Boston Bruins G: John Blue LD: Glen Feathrston RD: Jim Wiemer LW: Dave Reid C: Darin Kimble RW: Peter Douris -------------------------------------------------- Buffalo Sabres G: Tom Draper LD: Randy Moller RD: Gord Donnelly LW: Rob Ray C: Bob Corkum RW: Randy Wood -------------------------------------------------- Calgary Flames G: Jeff Reese LD: Alexnder Godynyuk RD: Greg Smyth LW: Brent Ashton C: Craig Berube RW: Ronnie Stern -------------------------------------------------- Chicago Blackhawks G: Jim Waite LD: Adam Bennett RD: Craig Muni LW: Stephane Matteau C: Stu Grimson RW: Troy Murray -------------------------------------------------- Dallas Stars G: Darcy Wakaluk LD: Craig Ludwig RD: Enrico Ciccone LW: Bobby Smith C: Shane Churla RW: Trent Klatt ------------------------------------------------- Detroit Red Wings G: Vincent Riendeau LD: Brad McCrimmon RD: Steve Konroyd LW: John Ogrodnick C: Bob Probert RW: Jim Hiller -------------------------------------------------- Edmonton Oilers G: Ron Tugnutt LD: Luke Richardson RD: Geoff Smith LW: Kelly Buchberger C: Louie DeBrusk RW: Steven Rice ------------------------------------------------ Florida Panthers G: Mark Fitzpatrik LD: Joe Cirella RD: Milan Tichy LW: Tom Fitzgerald C: Scott Mellanby RW: Dave Lowry ----------------------------------------------- Hartford Whalers G: Mario Gosselin LD: Randy Ladouceur RD: Allen Pedersen LW: Yvon Corriveau C: Jim McKenzie RW: Mark Janssens ---------------------------------------------- Los Angeles Kings G: Rick Knickle LD: Marty McSorley RD: Rene Chapdlaine LW: Gary Shuchuk C: Warren Rychel RW: Pat Conacher -------------------------------------------- Montreal Canadiens G: Andre Racicot LD: Donald Dufresne RD: Sean Hill LW: Mario Roberge C: Todd Ewen RW: Ed Ronan -------------------------------------------- New Jersey Devils G: Craig Billington LD: Ken Daneyko RD: Scott Niedrmayer LW: Janne Ojanen C: Troy Mallette RW: Bill Guerin --------------------------------------------- New York Islanders G: Mark Fitzpatrik LD: Uwe Krupp RD: Dennis Vaske LW: Travis Green C: Mick Vukota RW: Brad Dalgarno -------------------------------------------- New York Rangers G: Mike Richter LD: Jeff Beukeboom RD: Jay Wells LW: Paul Broten C: Joey Kocur RW: Mike Hartman -------------------------------------------- Ottawa Senators G: Peter Sidorkwicz LD: Brad Marsh RD: Gord Dineen LW: Rob Murphy C: Jody Hull RW: Andrew McBain --------------------------------------------- Philadelphia Flyers G: Steph Beauregard LD: Shawn Cronin RD: Terry Carkner LW: Claude Boivin C: Dave Brown RW: Vachslav Butsayev ---------------------------------------------- Pittsburgh Penguins G: Ken Wregget LD: Kjell Samuelsson RD: Grant Jennings LW: Troy Loney C: Jay Caufield RW: Jeff Daniels ---------------------------------------------- Quebec Nordiques G: Stephane Fiset LD: Craig Wolanin RD: Steven Finn LW: Chris Simon C: Tony Twist RW: Gino Cavallini ----------------------------------------------- San Jose Sharks G: Brian Hayward LD: Doug Zmolek RD: David Williams LW: Ed Courtenay C: David Maley RW: Jeff Odgers --------------------------------------------- St. Louis Blues G: Guy Hebert LD: Stephane Quintal RD: Murray Baron LW: Basil McRae C: Kelly Chase RW: Dave Lowry --------------------------------------------- Tampa Bay Lightning G: J.C. Bergeron LD: Joe Reekie RD: Matt Hervey LW: Adam Creighton C: Steve Maltais RW: Tim Bergland --------------------------------------------- Toronto Maple Leafs G: Rick Wamsley LD: Drake Berehowsky RD: Bob Rouse LW: Mark Osborne C: Ken Baumgartnr RW: Mike Foligno --------------------------------------------- Vancouver Canucks G: Kay Whitmore LD: Robert Dirk RD: Dave Babych LW: Jim Sandlak C: Gino Odjick RW: Tom Fergus ------------------------------------------- Washington Capitals G: Rick Tabaracci LD: Shawn Anderson RD: Rod Langway LW: Paul MacDermid C: Alan May RW: Dale Hunter -------------------------------------------- Winnipeg Jets G: Jim Hrivnak LD: Dean Kennedy RD: Randy Carlyle LW: Tie Domi C: Andy Brickley RW: John Druce -------------------------------------------
  2. Been a long time since I've posted here; the site looks different but good! Could you put the following for the original NHL '94 in the master list on page 1, please, if possible? Weight bug fix, HITS replaces PIM in player stats Weight bug fix + checking bonus, PIM in player stats
  3. Joined years ago, but have never been part of a league yet. Had only a few games against members on here. Played against Wittgenstein in several games on Clockwise's NHL 91 rom of NHL '94 and shut him out several times. Beat Clockwise in one game and lost to him in another in same rom. Clockwise is the only forum member thus far to score more than 1 goal against me in a game. Other good players will be able to do the same if they played against me, but I can compete. Was going to release an updated version of NHL '94 in the past, only to lose all my hard work when my laptop crashed.
  4. LD: Sandis Ozolinsh RD: Doug Wilson LW: Perry Berezan C: Pat Falloon RW: Kelly Kisio G: Arturs Irbe Subs: John Carter, Johan Garpenlov, Dean Evason. If Berezan goes down with an injury, you can get some goals out of Evason.
  5. I hope you enjoy it. Let us know how it is, both the game itself and the '94 mode.
  6. Agreed 100%. I'd be fine with the original 8-bit graphics and all, as long as we could have FOUR lines instead of three, a full NHL regular season, trading & free agency, and fake shots and shot-blocking. Basically, I want NHL '95 with four lines, except it's an NHL '94 version of NHL '95. 8-bit graphics or newer graphics, this was a huge missed opportunity on EA's part.
  7. Also, the fact that their '94 mode has no online play is a massive oversight. They have God-knows-how-many online players on Xbox Live, they make many games with the mindset of making them for online play, and then commit this gaffe. It's no wonder EA has become a laughable company over the past 10+ years.
  8. I was thinking about buying NHL 14, but I quickly changed my mind on that. I'm not thrilled with the so-called NHL '94 mode. Looks more like NHL Hitz to me, and they just slapped in the '94 ice color and called it '94 mode. Sadly, I think EA screwed up big-time with the '94 mode. This would have been a perfect opportunity for them to capture the attention of a huge market of hockey fans and NHL '94 fans by having a true '94 mode with features such as shot-blocking, fake shots, and a season mode. It could have been their way of saying, "This is our way of apologizing for NHL 95. Forgive us!" To those of you who do have the game, I hope you're enjoying it.
  9. You do realize he posted his topic in the appropriate section, right? Post-98 and other hockey titles.
  10. I was going to post that same video, but Smoz beat me to it. Now we just need the NHL 94 forums to present us with an opportunity to display the cricket video!
  11. Ronning was always a class act. And this is awesome!
  12. 1. Black #39 Buffalo Sabres jersey of Dominik Hasek 2. Mid-to-late 1990s Anaheim Mighty Ducks practice jersey (it was green with purple shoulders) That's it. I never cared for collecting/wearing jerseys of favorite players or anything.
  13. I was playing NHL 94 on my Genesis last night and saw something happen that I think may have never happened in my game before. I was playing as the Hartford Whalers while going against the Chicago Blackhawks and I made a save with Sean Burke. Just as I was sending my pass down to center ice for the breakaway, I noticed that one of my defensemen magically appeared near Burke! I quickly took the shot down at the other end with Sanderson, paused the game and went into replay mode. While viewing the instant replay, I noticed that Adam Burt was NOWHERE to be found on the ice. None of my players were in the penalty box at all, as there was no penalty being served. The replay confirms that when I made the save with Burke and prepared to set my breakout pass, Adam Burt just appeared near my net on the left side of my TV screen. Moving the target around with the replay paused at different times, I confirmed that Burt was nowhere to be found on the ice and then just magically appeared near the net. This ever happen to any of you? Do any of you have any idea why this happened? I noticed that this particular bug was not on the list of Game Bugs at nhl94.com's main page, so I thought I'd post about it. And no, there was no star where the missing player just suddenly appeared, as I was controlling Burke when I made the save and Sanderson when he received the pass.
  14. I know this is an old topic, but puck control pertains to the goalie's ability to not let the puck get through when it hits him. Shoot slap shots at the five-holes of the CPU goalies with the lowest puck-control ratings, and you'll see that you score more goals through their five-hole. Do the same thing against goalies with 99 puck control, and you'll see a lot fewer five-hole goals. The goalies with the best puck control will give up fewer rebounds and fewer five-hole goals. As for goalie passing, I have a feeling that defensive awareness and/or offensive awareness have something to do with how well they pass the puck. Or maybe it's their speed rating? I never bothered to figure out what it was because just about any goalie can pass well in the game.
  15. If anything, I think a goalie's defensive awareness pertains to his reaction time and positioning. For example, if you allow the CPU to shoot wide open one-timers, your CPU goalie will make saves more often with the likes of Belfour than he would with the likes of Hebert. In other words, the goalies with the best defensive awareness ratings are probably the ones that are the best at tracking the puck in NHL '94. If your goalie has a low defensive awareness rating, then your need for manual goalie is likely much greater. If the guy shooting the one-timer is Brett Hull, then it probably doesn't make much difference who your goalie is. A guy with 99 shot power is going to blast the puck pust just about any goalie. But if you have one of those "oh crap!" moments where you failed to get manual control for the one-timer, I found that the likes of Belfour make more saves as a CPU goalie than other goalies.
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